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Friday, July 01, 2005

Roskilde Festival - Dry as a bone - Sabbath at 10PM

Logged on from a free terminal at The Roskilde Festival. A brilliant, but not too hot, sunny Friday afternoon. Let's hope I don't curse the festival after last year's mudbath. (My travelling companion last year, Sean Hoffmann, will remember that well; our shoes were so caked with mud when we left they were worthy of photographing.) This year's festival, on the other hand, is even a tad dusty.

I stayed in Copenhagen last night to have a few drinks my friend Caroline who is out celebrating her graduation. Apparently a tradition in Denmark is to sign the inside of the school caps, and I took my turning, signing Caroline's with some sense and nonsense in Latin, not wanting to spoil the inside of the cap with English: Carpe diem. Semper ubi sub ubi. Both excellent pieces of advice for a young person heading out into the great big world.

Passing into the festival today I caught a bit of Canada's Be Good Tanyas, rustic goth-folk that's a bit on the alt-country side. And the Warsaw Village Band (from Poland) is right up Cyn Collins alley, I am sure. The band's bio on their website asserts that as a part of their mission statement, they are "a result of response against narrow-mindness and surrounding us mass-culture, which in fact leads to destruction of human dignity." They play violin, suka ( unique polish fiddle from the Sixteeth Century), cello and various traditional polish drums.

Staying in town yesteday meant missing Velvet Revolver, who I am told were phenomenal. But today I will make up for it with Audioslave, Black Sabbath, and in just over an hour, Snoop Dogg. Arf.

Also on tap for the day are Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler's (Suede) new band, The Tears and Montreal's The Dears (ironically scheduled at the same time.)

I know that in Minneapolis right now it's just before 9 AM. And that means it's time for me to have another beer.