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Monday, July 11, 2005

Oxegen's over - I'm back in London - I am coming home!

I got burnt to a crisp yesterday at the Oxegen Festival, but I did manage to catch a few prime acts, including the full set by the Magic Numbers. (There need to be more portly folk in rock and roll.)

The Beautiful South put on an inspiring main stage show early in the afternoon. The Killers, who had disrupted our Cure experience on the main stage during their stint in the nearby Green Room, this year disrupted my La's experience in the Green Room. (Somehow, after putting on a god awful show last year and proving just how bad they are, the Killers were promoted to a main stage act this year and considered a "must see act" by many festival goers.

I missed Alalabama 3, but you know my luck. I ran into their tour entourage on the swift ferry back from Dublin to Wales.

London is definitely back to normal now, though it seemed a tad more people were crammed onto the Central Line heading west during rush hour tonight as I believe the Circle Line is still closed.

I'd write more, but it's such a beautiful evening in London and all I want to do is have a nice dinner at my favourite Greek Restaurant, The Halepi (18 Leinster Terrace - said by some to be the best Greek restaurant in the world), go back to the hotel to bed, and fly home bright and early in the morning.

That's not a plan though. Just a hope.