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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hex's 24/7 comes in on time and under budget

Somehow, Chris Dorn and company managed to pull off 27 bands over the course of Thursday evening, not just the 24 promised. (Well, 26 bands and a guy who danced with purple dildos in his hands, anyway.)

See all my photos here.

Vampire Hands
Vampire Hands

The Nina! The Pinta!
The Nina! The Pinta!

Birthday Suits
Birthday Suits

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hexagon is the new 24 Bar?

Maybe not, but Thursday, September 28th the Hexagon has scheduled 24 bands.

Dubbed 24/7, the Hex hosts 24 bands playing 7 minute sets.

Hex booker Chris Dorn says, "It's been 2 years since we started booking local original music, and so we're teaming with to throw a huge party."

Below is the list of bands, though not necessarily in order of appearance. The show is free and runs from 9PM until it ends or until Rose pulls the plug.

  • Vampire Hands -->
  • The Beatifics -->
  • The Nightinghales -->
  • Faux Jean -->
  • Plastic Chord -->
  • Ouija Radio -->
  • Seymore Saves The World -->
  • Rank Strangers -->
  • Idle Hands -->
  • Tom Cruise Control -->
  • Heroes/Liars -->
  • Birthday Suits -->
  • We Became Actors
  • The Nina! The Pinta! -->
  • Spirit Of 76 -->
  • Meg Ashling -->
  • We Love Ghosts
  • Fort Wilson Riot -->
  • Candy Cigs
  • The Red Flags -->
  • In Pictures -->
  • The Hard Left -->
  • Me & Kyle
  • Buildings -->

21 | 9pm | FREE |

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wedding Photography

I may have set a new record going more than a month between blog posts.

I will fix that.

This past weekend, for a change, I did not shoot music, but rather shot the wedding of a friend. It was more exhausting work, but it sure pays better.

It took place at Thomas Lowry Park in Minneapolis.

I'm very happy with the results, even for my first venture into wedding photography. If you have 11 minutes, here's a slideshow animation with music.

If you don't, the photo set is on my personal Flickr account here.