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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mallman's report on Day 2 of his 7 night stand at the Hexagon

I didn't make it to Monday night's Mallman show at the Hex, and I'm still waiting for the first fan pictures to start showing up on the photo blog. (Read the other post for instructions on submitting photos, and will someone please submit a picture of The Pooch with that gorilla?)

Fortunately, I have one volunteer writer who will be at every single show, and that is MARK MALLMAN himself.

Here's Mark's report on Day 2:

"Damn, this is sooo fun! I can't believe how tight the band got between the first show and last nights show. I keep thinking how it feels just like tour, only easier cause we don't have to drive 7 hours between shows. PLUS, each night we get to practice - which is a blast.

Last nights set included "Inside the Castle" and "7AM And Sober Again" from the now out of print Who's Gonna Save You Now EP - I fucked up hard night by singing the 3rd verse in place of the 2nd. The band gave me shit for it afterward! Also, since it was our roadie's, The Pooch's birthday, we covered his favorite Elvis Costello song - "God's Comic" - a really wierd version.

Also, The Pooch got this giant cut out of a Gorilla from who knows where, and was stumbling around all night rubbing its crotch. Pony told me after the show that Kubrick's 2001 is made for druggies. I laughed. Ryan is reading 2010. nerds in my band - sheesh - see what marriage does to people!"