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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mallman's report on Day 6 of his 7 night stand at the Hexagon

Eleganza at the Hexagon (3 of 3)
Photo by Joe Cline

I want to thank Joe Cline for submitting the photo of Eleganza from Friday night's Mallman party. In fact, I want to thank everyone who has submitted photos. There are now dozens of great user-submitted pictures in the Mallman Party Gallery. (Keep on submitting your photos to We'll leave that email active for a few days after the Mallman party ends, but due to the success of the "live photo" experiment, expect to see the gallery used again for future shows and events.)

Incidentally, while Joe was in the Hexagon last night taking these great shots, someone was outside breaking into his car and stealing his spare lenses. Joe tells me that someone broke out the back window of his 2002 Burgundy Dodge Caravan and stole a black Sony Camera bag with 2 lenses for a DCR-HC85 and an extra battery. It was parked on the east side of 27th Avenue about a half block south of the Hex/26th Street. If you have any info that might help Joe recover the lenses, he is offering a reward. Send him an email at if you know anything, or just to say you enjoyed his photos.

Also, just posted today is Cyn Collins review of Mallman Night #5 featuring Fort Wilson Riot, whom she called "riotous fun" and the Beatifics, whom she called "lucious, intelligent power pop."

And getting down to business, here is Mark Mallman's report from the Friday night show:

"95 degrees in the heat today, listened to Sugarhill Gang while driving from Maharaja's this afternoon. I feel like I was born in the wrong decade - even sun feels like it's rising sideways. Outside there is a crow cawing and an airplane flying overhead at the same time. That's funny to me.

Let me tell you, I'm having fun - these shows are great, and I'm so very grateful to every single person who has shown up to hear the material, and the band, and I hope you're all having fun.

Last night's show included new songs "Missed a Year" off of the Seven Years CD, and "Wheelbarrow" - which is actually a tune I wrote for THE ODD that we never used. "Midnight Man" was played for the first time since October of last year, and it was super fun. I bought some lemon juice to keep on stage in addition to my usual shot of tequila before I go on. The monitors at the bar are simply not very loud, and that's resulted in me losing my voice.

After the party I walked into the park behind my house. It was as if I could feel the world spinning beneath me - like standing on water. Sometimes I think I see ghosts in the park, But last night, It was just a blue shadow of some trees in the dark. My ears were still buzzing from the amplifiers. I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep - I kept thinking about the future. My ears were still buzzing from the amplifiers. I kept thinking about the winter, even in the midst of summer's night. Must have been the air conditioning on too hard."


Anonymous said...

does anyone know the tracklisting of the 7 years cd?