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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ed Ackerson - Go Ahead and Cry and two other videos from Sussedtacular

Ed Ackerson - Go Ahead and Cry

A comprehensive overview including photos by Jenn Barnett will be up on the HowWasTheShow main site by tomorrow. In the mean time, here are a couple of videos I shot with my little Olympus FE-340 at Sussedtacular at the Varsity Theater last night.

The first two are of songs off of Ed Ackerson's new Solo album Ackerson2. The third is a song off The Mood Swings new 3 Sided Single.

Ed Ackerson - Force Field

The Mood Swings - Nothing New

Friday, November 28, 2008

Electric Arc Radio's Special Holiday Show: November 29, 2008, 8:00 pm

Electric Arc Radio presents a special Holiday Show,“A Very Brady Christmas,”this Saturday night, November 29, 2008 at 8:00 pm at The Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.

Musical guests are Jeremy Messersmith (reprising his role as "singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith"), and The New Standards (who play their own annual holiday show the following Saturday, December 6th at the Fitzgerald).


The hapless writers and their entire South Minneapolis neighborhood (Sleany McFear, Bushy Bushmanov, Clerky, and all the rest) discover the meaning of Christmas in a magical ponytail. It's a cockle-warming story that's part Gift of the Magi, part Homeric Odyssey, and part MacGyver. It's "A Very Brady Christmas," made and wrapped for you with love.

Tickets are $20.  Go to for more information.  Tickets on sale now at the Ritz Theater ( or by phone at the Ritz Box Office at 612.436.1129

The Ritz Theater is at 345 13th Ave. NE, right up the street from The 331 Club.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Faux Jean to celebrate the release of "The Mongolian Invasion" November 29th at the Hexagon Bar

"The Mongolian Invasion" is an new album of four-track solo recordings made by Matty Schindler of Faux Jean between 1997 and 2007.  It's now available at Treehouse Records (26th and Lyndale in Minneapolis) or at CD

Schindler explains the sudden emergence of these old recordings this way:

"As I was preparing to contemplate a move last year, I came across a big box of largely unmarked cassette tapes. These were songwriting tapes going back a decade (1997 to 2007) and most of them only had a month or year listed on the sticker. I decided that I would listen to all of these tapes and write down what existed on each tape before I had to move. This was no mean feat. I drank plenty of champagne and set myself to the task."
Mike Wisti helped with the meticulous transfer from cassette to CD which is now packaged prettily in digipak (cover shown at left.)

Schindler will celebrate the album's release with a show at the Hexagon Bar on Saturday November 29th along with John Swardson, Rebel Yellow, and The Parlour Suite. The show is 21+ and free.

Preview some of the newly released songs at Schindler has also posted a full track listing with notes on the band's MySpace blog here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Your local music options for the busiest barnight of the year

Every weekend without fail, HowWasTheShow's forum members start a thread to talk about the best goings on about town.  (Here's this weekend's, for example.)  This week however, is special.  IT HAS TWO FRIDAY NIGHTS, and one of them, also known this year as Wednesday, November 26th, has a reputation akin to both a Friday and a Saturday night put together.

In honor of Thanksgiving Eve, HowWasTheShow has assembled some cool places for you to spend what's often called the busiest barnight of the year. (Supposedly it's busier than New Year's Eve since on that night multitudes of private parties provide fierce competion for the clubs.) 

As with NYE, look out for amateurs!

What: Blackout Wednesday w/ Yer Cronies, Victory Ship, and Joey Ryan & the Inks
Where: Uptown Bar, 9PM $5

What: Transmission - DJ Jake Rudh's night before Thanksgiving Dance Party
Where: Clubhouse Jager, 9PM $0

What: Maudlin CD Release Party w/ The Hopefuls & So It Goes
Where: Triple Rock, 9PM $10

Where: Turf Club, 9PM $4

What: Ike Reilly,  The Alarmists, Little Man (This is always nuts)
Where: First Avenue, 7:30, $12/15

What: Velvet Davenport, Viceburgh, G-Biz, DJ Ghostband (More Cowbell showcase)
Where: 7th Street Entry, 8PM, $5

What: Happy Apple
Where: Cedar Cultural Center, 7PM, $18

Any glaring oversights?  Leave 'em in the comments.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Belfast Cowboys and St. Dominics Trio to release dualing debut CDs

Cover art for "The Belfast Cowboys" by Kim Sheehan

Cover art for St Dominic's Trio's "Switch" by Leah Rule

In preparation for The Belfast Cowboys and St. Dominic's trio dual CD release in the First Avenue Mainroom on Wednesday, December 3rd,, HowWasTheShow has done a full interview with Terry Walsh on the main site.


The Belfast Cowboys – “The Belfast Cowboys”
St. Dominic’s Trio – “Switch”

After more than six years of live rehearsals in the bars of Minnesota, Van Morrison tribute band The Belfast Cowboys and its smaller offshoot St. Dominic’s Trio are releasing their debut CDs at First Avenue’s Mainroom, on Wednesday, December 3rd. The Tisdales, led by Rich Mattson (who produced “Switch” at his studio in Sparta, Minnesota), are slated to open the show.

Both The Belfast Cowboys and St. Dominic's Trio are led by singer/songwriter Terry Walsh, and feature other notable Minneapolis musicians, including sax man Vic Volare, bassist Joe Baumgart (Peal, Mammy Nuns), and guitarist Simon Sheehan (Congo Eels).

The Belfast Cowboys is an energized reworking of some of Van Morrison’s best material, including lesser-known chestnuts ("Redwood Tree”, “Precious Time”) some radio staples ("Wild Night", "Domino"), and “Cleaning Windows (Minneapolis Version)” in which Walsh name-checks several past and present Minnesota bands.

“Switch” is a CD of original songs that genre-hops between Costello-like rock (4th Day of May), blues (“Cold Dice”, “Freeze”), and Motown (“Free and Alive”, “I Thought We Were Friends”). A trio in name only, the band expands to nine pieces on five of the ten songs. Long-time favorites at Kieran’s Irish Pub and The Liffey, St. Dominic’s Trio has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years after Sheehan and keyboardist Joe Loskota were added as regular fixtures to the three-piece band.

Plans to play Chicago (Volare’s home town) and points in between, plus regional shows are in the works. Until then, you’ll still be able to see The Belfast Cowboys monthly at Lee’s Liquor Lounge and Whiskey Junction, while St Dominic’s Trio can be found every fourth weekend of the month at Kieran’s.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dance party of music fans under 3 feet tall at Lucy Michelle show

Our first stop Friday Evening was at The Cedar Cultural Center for the first part of a double header between Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles and Dance Band. We couldn’t stay for Dance Band, but I can tell you they were celebrating the release of a new 5 song EP, Geekadelic. With track names like “Feet On Fire” and “Bootyriffic,” Geekadelic features more weird, tongue-in-cheek (and totally awesome) dance mania from the band that has been making dancing mandatory (“We’re Dance Band, not Stand Band!) at their shows since 2006. I find it hilarious, but oddly perfect that in my Napster player, the “Other Members Like…” suggestions includes iSweat Fitness Music’s iSweat Fitness Music Vol. 46: Pilates. Remember this video from White Light Riot last year? I’m wondering if it isn’t time for Dance Band to record a full-length fitness video themselves.

Lucy Michelle and her five bandmates (cello, fiddle, drums, stand-up bass and acoustic guitar) had no trouble taking command of the large Cedar Stage. Though the musicians were spread out across the wide stage, communication between Lucy and the rest of the musicians showed signs of the abundance of practice they’ve had over the past few months. They've been playing what seems like several times a week since taking home the coveted City Pages Picked to Click award for 2008 earlier this fall. It’s important with any music, of course, but particularly important with Michelle’s that the band not drift into sloppiness that can sometimes happen when a band is spread out on a stage because her music already has a natural looseness and informality to it. The band’s Cedar performance on the wide stage bodes well for their Main Stage First Avenue performance coming up at Voltage in April.

As this was the Cedar, there were “all-agers” on hand. Early on I Twittered to friends that a dance party had broken out amongst my fellow concert-goers under 3 feet tall. Check out this video I filmed while sitting on the floor up front. [See also, this video for When The World Turned Out Its Lights.]

Lucy Michelle’s set Friday night included many songs from her debut album Orange Peels and Rattlesnakes, plus some new ones she promises will be recorded soon for the next.

HowWasTheShow photographer Jenn Barnett was along for the show and filed a full set of photos that you can view here:

Here are a few photo highlights:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Alpha Consumer at the Turf Club Saturday

One of my favorite bands in town is playing the Turf Club this weekend. They were on HowWasTheShow's wish list for our 6 year anniversary party last year, but it unfortunately would not fit in with their busy schedules.

Yes, there is a lot going on Saturday, November 29th, but if you haven't seen Alpha Consumer you really need to. It's not just because the band is comprised of some of the best musicians in the entire Midwest. Alpha Consumer is the kind of well-kept secret you wish would explode onto the world scene just to see what would happen. That may never happen, and if it did, so many minds might be blown the world might never recover. But one can still dream.

More detail:

The members of Alpha Consumer (Jeremy Ylvisaker, J.T. Bates, and Michael Lewis) have spent most of this past year touring with acts such as Andrew Bird, Dosh, A Prairie Home Companion, Happy Apple, and Fat Kid Wednesdays to, among many other places, Japan, Australia, and Portugal. Not to mention recording with Bird, Dosh, Fat Kids, Eyedea & Abilities, Why?, Fog, James Buckley Trio, Chris Morrisey, and much more.

November 29 marks a rare reconvening of Alpha Consumer who will be playing many new selections off of their recording-in-progress with the working title Kick Drugs out of America. They happily share the bill with Gospel Gossip, First Communion Afterparty, and Margaret Lane.

Who: Alpha Consumer, Gospel Gossip, First Communion Afterparty, Margaret Lane
Where: Turf Club, St. Paul
When: Sat. Nov. 29. Doors at 9:00 pm
How Much: $6

Lamb Lays With Lion w/ Plastic Chord video from the Hexagon

This is the tail end of Lamb Lays With Lion's The Little Skeleton That Could Not which was presented Thursday night at the Hexagon.

Leading up to this point Jayne Deis had performed an hilarious riff on alcoholism, "12 signs you may be an alcoholic." (She only got through 5 or 6 and repeated number 2 twice.) Also featured was a ditsy and ridiculous infomercial on AIDS awareness by Julia May Fairbanks and Ashley Smith, and a "how to" guide on Anorexia Nervosa by Melissa Ann Murphy. It all would have been in rather poor taste if it hadn't actually been quite funny.

As the skit ended, it segued into the first music of the evening provided by Plastic Chord. That is what you see in the 5 minute video included here. Featured in the video are Fairbanks, Smith and Murphy along with members of the band. Also seen briefly wielding the spotlight is director Jeremy Catterton, and Jayne Deis also makes a brief return to the stage before being scared back off by Fairbanks in a skeleton shirt.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Triple Rock to celebrate 10 Year Anniversary with a host of activites

It seems like only yesterday my friends and I were winding up at Blondies on the Avenue after a hard day at Cedarfest. Has Blondies really been gone 10 years now? Time flies when you rock and roll.

In December, 2008 The Triple Rock, which took over the building and ultimately built it a sturdy and fine music room addition, celebrates 10 years on the Ave.

Here are some of the ways they are celebrating (via the fine folks at Indie Tickets). And of course, Dillinger Four, the club's Founding Fathers, are part of it.

A rundown of all the shows happening in celebration of 10 years of the Triple Rock Social Club.

Friday December 5th + Saturday December 6th
The Evening Rig
both shows - 9pm 21+

Friday December 12th
Record Release show for the latest D4 album "Civil War".
9pm 21+

Saturday December 13th
9pm 21+

Sunday December 14th
The Hanson Brothers are a side-project created by Rob and John Wright with Tom Holliston (all members of the legendary Canadian band Nomeansno). They took their name from characters in the cult ice-hockey film Slap Shot. Their songs, performed in a Ramones style, focus mainly on beer, ice hockey and girls.Originally started as a humorous side project, the band have since released three full-length albums as well as several singles.
9pm 21+

Friday December 19th
9pm 21+

Saturday December 20th
9pm 21+

Saturday December 27th
9pm 21+

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Western Fifth release new CD: Stand Like A Thief

Western Fifth unveils their second CD Friday, November 21st with a release party at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. The album, called Stand Like a Thief, follows up 2006’s self-titled debut.

The opening song of the 10-song album, “We’ve Got The Rain” sets the tone, with slow-strummed acoustic guitar, yearning vocals by Ryan Holweger, crying fiddle by Dave Boquist (who guests on several of the album’s songs), and ultimately a bouncy but lonely sounding piano riff by Ryan Jacobson and light mandolin by Thomas Case, until the song finally booms to a full start as Jon Wurm joins in on drums.

The song ends:

We ain’t got money, honey
But we’ve got the rain
Turn around
Before you go insane.
Then we die
Then we die
Then we die
Then we die.

Now imagine those sentiments being presented not with lethargy, but in a warm and beautiful way.

Personally, I’ve never found beautiful music depressing, though admittedly Stand Like a Thief is far from an “up” album. In the album's second song, the chorus reminds us “People will never stop falling in love / With someone who won’t love them back” as accompanied by a soulful trumpet. And it goes on from there.

Open up the liner notes and view the album artwork by Jeremiah Talamantes and you see a lonely gray house on a dark prairie. A despondent gentlemen stands in the foreground in a top hat looking down at the ground. The cover art couldn't be a better match for the music inside. With the fabulous design by Metrofader Studios, this CD looks as good as it sounds.

Western Fifth will be joined by Kid Dakota and the Evening Rig Friday to round out a killer bill. Uptown Bar, Minneapolis. $5. 9PM, 21+ (More info from

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little Skeleton That Could Not at the Hexagon Thursday

Bertolt Brecht is rumored to have said, "A theater without beer is just a museum." Granted, if Brecht is indeed responsible for that quotation, he would have said something more like, "Ein Theater ohne Bier ist gerade ein Museum!" But that's beside the point.

Regardless, plenty of beer will be available Thursday evening at 9PM at the Hexagon Bar when Lamb Lays With Lion theater company presents The Little Skeleton That Could Not.

The play (though sadly not the beer) is free.

Carl Atiya Swanson, a Lamb Lays With Lion founding member has this to say about the production:

Developed as a company, this intervention is designed specifically for the bar audience and away from comfortable theatrical norms. Company members will engage their audience through self-help and info-tainment to "talk about important subjects", especially the Three A's: Alcoholism, AIDS & Anorexia! This performance will not take for granted the audience's passivity- in The Little Skeleton That Could Not, the performers are at the mercy of the audience, a sensibility normally reserved for stand-up comedy, rock concerts, and magic shows. Expect all of it, expect none of it.
The Little Skeleton That Could Not is directed by Jeremey Catterton and features Jayne Deis, Julia Mae Fairbanks, Melissa Anne Murphy and Ashley Smith.

Further entertainment by Fort Wilson Riot, Plastic Chord (carnival troupe), and Speed's The Name follows the show.

Come for the theater, stay for the music (and the beer.) HowWasTheShow will see you there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Minnesota’s Half Demon Doll wins Rock Meets Runway, presented by Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Half Demon Doll (pictured at left in a photo by Daniel Corrigan) formed at a St. Paul Rock & Roll camp where the four teenage members met in 2007. After camp let out (is that what camp does when it ends? let out? It’s been so long) the band decided to keep at it.

On Sunday in New York City, their hard work paid off when they won Rock Meets Runway, a battle of the band's competition sponsored by Little Steven's Underground Garage. After making it into the final three, they played NYC Hard Rock Café to clinch the title and earned themselves a record deal with Wicked Cool Records, a bunch of Gibson gear, and a photo shoot with Teen Vogue Magazine. (The other two finalists were Pike, and Snake Pliskin.)

The band posted their joy and surprise on their MySpace page, “Alright guys... WE WON!!!! We were the youngest, and only all girl band today and we fricken won! we rocked it, we really did.”

The fact that they are a sincere-sounding punk band who pull off strikingly melodic ballads about teenage relationship issues without sounding self-absorbed is a definite plus.

They’re quite listenable and pretty darn easy to root for. HowWasTheShow congratulates them and encourages you to visit their MySpace page. We recommend in particular, their song "Jenny Craig on a Stick.”

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rock Against Rape at the Triple Rock Social Club, a benefit for the Sexual Violence Center

Twin Cities bands team up to support the Sexual Violence Center with Rock Against Rape at the Triple Rock Social Club on November 30th.

Kitten Forever, MC/VL, Hangun Man, and Tough Tough Skin will all play at the 21+ show.

Writer Kristine Lambert will be writing about the event for Lambert, an attorney, does pro-bono legal work for three or four people each month whom she is hooked up with through the center. She hopes the benefit will raise awareness for the non-profit organization.

Lambert says, “Once I saw a story about an assault on TV and the next thing I knew I was contacted by the SVC to work on the case.”

The Sexual Violence Center (SVC) was established in 1985 and provides services to victims of sexual violence in Hennepin, Scott and Carver counties. They are an independent non-profit organization which provides more than 2000 youth and adults each year with 24-hour crisis phone service, individual counseling, support groups, advocacy and legal clinics at no cost. The center’s goals include supporting individuals affected by sexual violence and fostering attitude changes that will ultimately eradicate sexual violence.

More info from

Event Details:

Rock Against Rape at the Triple Rock Social Club
Kitten Forever, MC/VL, Hangun Man, Tough Tough Skin
November 30, 2008
$10.00 at the door
Doors at 9:00 p.m.
Must be 21+ to enter

Kitten Forever:


Hangun Man:

Tough Tough Skin:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lookbook to release I Fear Your, My Darkness EP on Saturday

Lookbook has become one of the hottest bands on the Twin Cities stages this year. You may remember vocalist Maggie Morrison from Digitata. With Digitata on hiatus for now, Morrison has been working with Grant Cutler (Passions, Sun Giant) on Lookbook.

Morisson’s voice is mesmerizing, strong, sexy, as otherworldly as ever, and so fluid you can practically lose yourself in it.

Check out “My Darkness” and “King of Con” on their MySpace, two songs from Lookbook's new EP I Fear You, My Darkness that they will officially release Saturday night, November 15th with a Radio K-sponsored party at 7th Street Entry. (Show flier pictured to the left.) Haunted House, Brutal Becomings and DJ Gigamesh help them celebrate.

Not coincidentally, HowWasTheShow's Photo of the Week this week is by photographer Robert Luna (check it out here.) Robert took the photo of Maggie Morrison when Lookbook played the Kitty Cat Klub in August.

See more of Robert’s music photos here or check out his band's music on their MySpace here.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Clapperclaw Music + Art Festival 2008 is Saturday

Clapperclaw Music + Art Festival 2008

( is this Saturday! Presented by, Clapperclaw is an annual festival celebrating breakout music and arts, with a specific focus on promoting Twin Cities artists. It is a mischievous event, one full of surprises that will have exposure to a wide-ranging experience. This year we have expanded to more artists, more fashion, a breadth of bands and we have taken over a warehouse to host it all!

When: Saturday, November 8th. Happy hour art opening and bazaar starts at 4 pm. Fashion show at 7:30pm. Music starts at 8pm and goes until 2am.

Where: The Sound Gallery Warehouse- 414 3rd Ave North, Minneapolis 55401. The Warehouse District, south of Washington Avenue North, by the Twins Stadium Construction. Parking in two ramps next to the venue.

How much: $5 presale and during happy hour (4-7pm), $12 after 7pm. Clapperclaw is 21+, check out for pre-sale tickets. Door cover includes all drinks all night long (thanks to our sponsors, and don't forget to tip your bartenders) and a portion of the door proceeds go to Free Arts Minnesota, a non-profit dedicated to bringing arts to kids from abusive or broken home lives. Check them out at

What: Music, Art, Fashion, Crafts, Film, people, and so much more!

XYZ Affair (Brooklyn, NY)

Peter Adams (Cincinnatti, OH)

Cecil Otter (Doomtree)

Big Quarters

Look Book

Man is Doomed

Speed's The Name

DJ Real Talk Radio

DJ A-Ray

Nick Howard
Margi Grill
Kate Burgau
Kristina Perkins
Andrew Quinn
Steve Lang
Ema Cook
Stacy Schwartz
Carl Atiya Swanson
Will Grant
Adam Considine
Shawn Dalsen
Jesse Draxler
Chavis Vasquez

Maritza Ramirez (full runway line)
Calpurnia Peach
(full runway line)
Jenny Carle (full runway line)

Duckie Ugling

Director: Brian Perkins

Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements
Director: Daniel Schneidkraut:

When the Sidewalk Ends
Director: Joseph Larsen

The Reception
Director: Jason Mitchell

Director: R.P. Whalen

Director: Travis Lou Wavescorx
A new short by Wavescorx Independent that was commissioned especially for the Clapperclaw Festival.

Director: Melody Gilbert

Sponsors:, Electric Fetus Record Store, Pabst Blue Ribbon, McNally Smith College of Music, MDP, Radio K, Red Bull, Effen Vodka,, Copycats, RobotLove, MPLSArt, Free Arts Minnesota

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Alison Scott to release new CD of cover songs this week

HowWasTheShow’s BFF Sara Montour took this photo of Alison Scott at the JoAnna James farewell show at The Fine Line in March of 2008. I am happy to say I was in attendance that night to watch Alison perform for an energized Minneapolis crowd that didn’t mind a bit that much of the country’s musical fans had their attention focused elsewhere on SXSW that night. Once you have experienced Scott’s soulful poise, you will not forget it. Her voice pours forth feeling and understanding well beyond her years.

Fortunately for us in the Twin Cities, Miss Scott has no plans to leave town at this time and is set to release a brand new album, Hiding Under The Covers, on Saturday, November 8th. True to its name, the album is all covers, including songs by Paul Westerberg (“Meet Me Down The Alley”), Prince (“Sign Of The Times”), Sonny & Cher (“The Beat Goes On”), Blind Faith (“Can’t Find My Way Home”), and more.

Scott’s new release comes hot on the heels of her 2008 album of original material Wish On The Moon, and she’ll celebrate the release at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis Saturday. Scott will be joined by Tommy Barbarella (original New Power Generation keyboardist) as well as her core band of musical notables Kevin Bowe (guitar), Steve Price (bass) and Peter Anderson (drums).

Check out Alison’s site ( or the Dakota site ( for more info.

Listen to songs from Wish On The Moon:

  1. How Do You Know
  2. Little Bit
  3. Round-a-bout

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

FakeSarahPalin bows out (of Twitter) with grace

One of the things that kept me going through the craziness of the 2008 campaign, were the Tweets of FakeSarahPalin:

Goofy and perceptive as they sometimes were, they showed me the funny side of the often scary news of the day.

FakeSarahPalin signed off Twitter the day after the election with this message to followers (via Tony Thomas):

To the fans of FakeSarahPalin,

We're going to call it quits. For now. In the spirit of Obama's message, we do not think it is productive to continue what is a funny but divisive message. Now's the time for Americans to heal the wounds of eight years of partisan extremism. Continuing FakeSarahPalin would be a continuation of that extremism. In order for us to achieve the change we seek, we've got to stop.

It has been fun making you laugh through this election. If you've laughed at us and found us funny, do us (and America) a favor: spend the next four years working to make America better. Heed Obama's call for service. We rarely have opportunities like this, so-- let's take advantage of it.

That's why we have to quit. It is time to take our government seriously again. Maybe it'll turn out that this is just some hokey feeling that will dissipate in a few months-- but we want to give this moment a shot to redefine our politics and heal our country.

Thanks so much,


Contrast that to the tearful, "Oh no, I just lost the election for prom queen" look on the face of the real Sarah Palin as John McCain gave his concession speech, and FakeSarahPalin was again a breath of fresh air.

FakeSarahPalin, thanks for the FakeMemories!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rock the Cause - Friday, November 14th at The Varsity Theater

The following poster comes to you with the approval of the Thin White Duke himself.

Brooke Aldridge- ROCK THE CAUSE

Glam-Rock Tribute and AIDS Awareness Concert
David Bowie Approves Use of Image; Additional Act Added

St. Paul, MN- October 28th, 2008- RZO Music Inc.— on behalf of Glam-Rock legend and singer/songwriter/performer David Bowie— today granted use of the Aladdin Sane cover image to Rock The Cause, the Minnesota 501(c)(3) working to create life changing experiences through the power of music. The image, which features a lightening-bestowed Bowie, appears as the centerpiece for the Glitter Ball 2.0 poster created by Rurik Hover. The night— emceed by Ian Rans (Drinking With Ian)— blasts off at The Varsity Theater on Friday, November 14th with a screening of the Todd Haynes Glam-Rock fantasy Velvet Goldmine and a wine tasting sponsored by Sacre Bleu.

Confirmed musical headliners are Alice Cooper protégés and Hollywood Fame Artist of the Year award-winners Crash Street Kids; White Light Riot; So It Goes; All The Pretty Horses as well as Mercurial Rage. Transmission DJ Jake Rudh will man decks, spinning Glam-tastic tracks from T-Rex, David Bowie, Queen, The Stooges, Roxy Music and more between live acts. Girl group Sick Of Sarah have been added to the already stellar line up, rounding out the bill. For an inspired donation, Glitter Kids arriving early can have their Glam looks amped up by stylists from Jungle Red Salon. Last but certainly not least, Glitter Ball 2.0 attendees will learn about the work of Clare Housing as well as The Minnesota AIDS Project, who serve people in our community living with HIV and AIDS. Rock The Cause will donate 80% of concert revenues from this event to Clare Housing ( and The Minnesota Aids Project (

WHAT: Glitter Ball 2.0: A Glam Rock Tribute and AIDS Awareness Concert

WHERE: The Varsity Theatre
WHEN: Friday November 14th, 2008; Doors @ 7:30 PM
TICKETS: $10 ADV/$15 DAY OF. Tickets are on sale now @: or

SPONSORS: The Onion, Jungle Red Salon, Sacre Bleu, Absolut Vodka, Jameson, Summit Brewing Company

Rock The Cause is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) non-profit that empowers people through music, community and awareness. Our mission is to partner with other non-profits to create the next generation of giving through the power of Rock-N-Roll. To learn more about RTC, please visit

“Time waits for no one... We've got to build this world together or we'll have no more future at all. Because time - it waits for nobody.” - Freddie Mercury - Time, 1986


The Horse, the Bird, the Monkey and the Dancer opens Friday

As you may know, HowWasTheShow has been covering a great deal more theater in 2008 than in previous years. (Check here for a list of recent reviews.)

Here's an upcoming show that opens Friday, November 7th we'd like to tell you about.

You may be familiar with Anna Lee from her role as producer of Voltage Fashion Amplified. In her most recent newsletter she shares some information about a Sandbox Theatre production she's been involved with.

"I have been working with a talented ensemble of designers on the latest production by Sandbox Theatre- Kerry Riley, Laura Fulk and Andrew Lawrence Schiff- and I have to say that I am pretty excited about what this collaboration has produced. Sculptural costumes with a flavor of our four distinct styles- quite a feat in itself."
And from the press release:

Two dozen of the Twin Cities' most talented emerging and established artists are collaborating on a powerful original story inspired by Edgar Alan Poe's Masque of the Red Death.

As the Red Death scorches the countryside, a stubborn girl - Prospera - starts on a journey to find her missing family. Along the way, she stumbles through a strange world, discovering uncommon friendships and confronting forces determined to undermine her discovery.

HBMD is another collective creation between Sandbox Theatre and local artists. Outstanding, surprising designs will mingle with the best ensemble performers in the Twin Cities to tell a story of searching for self-reliance in a society dominated by the institutions of Government, Academia, Entertainment, Religion and Commerce.

The Horse, the Bird, the Monkey and the Dancer is directed by Ryan Hill and Lisa Moreira

Featuring performances by: Mark Benzel, Helen Buron, Kristina Fjellman, Peter Heeringa, Katie Kaufmann, Stacy Lee King, Katie Melby, Derek Miller, Sara Richardson, Valerie Rigsbee, Eric Sharp and Heather Stone.

Sets/Scenic Artwork by: Michael Carina, Ryan Hill

Costumes by: Laura Fulk, Anna Lee, Kerry Riley, Andrew Lawrence Schiff

Original Music by: Tim Donahue

Lighting by: Heidi Eckwall

Management: Lisa Smith, Lydia Bolder, David Hanzal

Performance details:

Opening night party on November 7th:
$25 tickets include the show, appetizers and drinks.

There is a special Pay What You Can night on Monday, November 10th.

All other nights, tickets are $18

For all show dates and times, check out the website at

All performances are at The Red Eye Theater
15 West 14th Street, Minneapolis

612.554.1302 for reservations

Monday, November 03, 2008

Line-up announced for Sussedtacular! at the Varsity, Friday November 28th

The following is a re-broadcast of a publicity announcement from P.D. Larson:

The line-up is firming up nicely for the big show at the Varsity. Here's the latest scoop:

Sussedtacular! at the Varsity - celebrating the release of Ed Ackerson's Ackerson2 CD.

Friday - November 28, 2008
Varsity Theater in Dinkytown
(1308 4th St SE, Minneapolis)

Band lineup (not necessarily in order of appearance)

Ed will be joined by longtime band members Peter Anderson, Jennifer Jurgens, Marc Perlman and Tim Oesau with special guest/soul brother #1 Jim Boquist (of Son Volt/Paul Westerberg/Good Joe fame). This killer lineup will be performing key tracks from Ed's two solo albums, selections from Polara's vast back catalog -- including faves from this year's masterful Polara offering Beekeeping -- plus whatever exciting surprises they can cook up. This is definitely a "best of both worlds" situation.

Ashley and Sallie have been working hard in recent months on several exciting new tracks. Some of this new material is the result of some serious musical exploration/experimentation and finds TMS heading off in a number of fascinating new directions, with special emphasis on journeying into the inner realms of the psych-rock spectrum as well as cranking out some inspired extended instrumental workouts. Always a reliably hot live act, The Mood Swings are progressing on all fronts at an amazing rate. If you've been fortunate enough to have experienced their recent live cover of Hawkwind's classic lost anthem, "It's So Easy," you've got some idea of the tiger in their tank that's screaming to get out. Here's what our old friend Peter Jesperson had to say about the Mood Swings: "...I think Minneapolis always has good stuff going on. I was just there last weekend and saw a band called the Mood Swings who were just a knockout." (full interview )

One of the Twin Towns best kept secrets, CVA create extremely well-crafted "smart pop," with just the right amount of rock edge, Britpop stylings and shoegaze-y elements. And they're no slouches in the songwriting and catchy melody departments, either -- "Beautiful Fall," from their 2006 self-titled debut, is a stone classic. This is a special opportunity to see a band who doesn't play live nearly enough, a situation sure to change after they finish the new record they're currently working on with Ed at Flowers.

Simply one of the best new bands to hit the Minnesota music scene in some time, this bastard child/offshoot of Bridge Club and First Communion Afterparty play powerful Psychedelic Rock so convincingly that you might have to check the calendar after you've come down to make sure what decade you're in. Their long-awaited debut, Evius (limited 7" vinyl and digital EP), will be released jointly by Susstones and MPLS Ltd in mid-November. Check out an exclusive preview here.

with special cameo appearances from:

The mesmerizing folk/pop stylings of Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife) and Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks, Golden Smog, The Neglecters). Don't tell anyone, but they've not only finally completed their long-awaited studio project but there's a very good chance it will soon see the light of day via Susstones.


Featuring members of Small Towns Burn a Little Slower, To Reinvent and another "popular local rock group." They've recorded a new EP with Ed that should be coming out in 2009.

DJ The Guv'nor (of Sussed!)



Free download card for the forthcoming Susstones Winter Sampler (featuring new tracks by Ed, Mood Swings, CVA and Strange Lights) with every paid ticket!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2009 Bands and Runway Designers Announced!

Is it too early to talk about Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2009? Heck no. This information is hot, hot, hot off the proverbial presses, folks. Honest, it was just released 5 minutes ago.

Anna Lee and the Voltage Design Panel are excited to announce the 2009 Runway Designers

  • 2709
  • Allison Quinnell
  • Amanda Christine
  • Arwyn Birch
  • Calpurnia Peach
  • Carmichael Claith
  • Emily Weich
  • Ivan Idland
  • Maritza Ramirez
  • Max Lohrbach

Along with the 2009 Bands

***Apply by November 14th to design for one of the Voltage 2009 Bands.
***Links to band profiles and application available here:

Voltage: Fashion Amplified is set for Friday, April 24th, 2009 as the main event of Spring MNfashion Week- April 20-26, 2009.

Terrorizing Dissent: Election Cut early bird premier today in the Twin Cities

The following is a reprint of a press release from Glass Bead Collective and Twin Cities Indymedia.

Glass Bead Collective, Twin Cities Indymedia, and other independent media activists have released a new film, "Terrorizing Dissent: Election Cut," an exposé of events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Featuring first-person accounts and footage from more than forty cameras on the streets, "Terrorizing Dissent" focuses on the story of dissent suppressed. People charged with "conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism" speak out against the government's campaign to manipulate media coverage and label civil disobedience and community organizing as terrorism.

The film is free to view and download now (FLV/MOV) at

Free screenings of the film will be offered throughout the nation before and immediately after the election. (See below for schedule.)

The 'Early Bird Premiere' is this Saturday, November 1st, 10:40 AM at Riverview Theater (3800 42nd Ave S., Minneapolis, MN). Doors open at 10:15 AM.

Effectively, the Republican National Committee provided financial cover for the widespread, organized suppression of dissent. The FBI and Secret Service coordinated with local police to raid homes and work spaces before the RNC even began. On the streets, the government's intimidation strategy shut down peaceful protests through the heavy use of tear gas, pepper spray, stun grenades, rubber bullets, and other projectiles. This excessive use of force followed months of harassment and surveillance of community activists. At every stage, local officials have refused to release the documentation behind what they did, from the origins of dubious search warrants to joint powers agreements.

The Republican Party's efforts to control the message and crush dissenting voices were led by one of the top local Republicans, troubled Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, who personally spearheaded the "pre-emptive raid" strategy and spun the media by claiming captured household items were weapons (most notably, the buckets of recycled grey water he dubbed "urine"). At every stage, from fake urine to riot threats, messages of fear were distributed to chill Minnesotans from exercising their First Amendment rights.

Just days before Fletcher launched high-profile preemptive raids against protesters, two of his closest aides, Mark Naylon and Timothy Rehak, were found guilty on federal charges after they attempted to steal $6,000 in an FBI sting. To shore up his murky political future, Fletcher staged an authoritarian spectacle unparalleled in Minnesota history.

As local Democratic officials cautiously stepped back, Fletcher put himself in front of a classic "security theater" media campaign to create a non-existent enemy, equate civil disobedience with terrorism, and move in to attack peaceful protests. This plan culminated with the blocking and flashbang bombing of a peaceful march organized by anti-war activists on September 4th as John McCain delivered his acceptance speech at the Xcel Center.

Within weeks, John McCain's campaign turned to attacking Barack Obama on the same grounds as the RNC Welcoming committee, a group that provided logistical help such as housing, food and a convergence center for demonstrators.

This rapidly produced "election cut" shows how the government--even in a liberal state such as Minnesota--easily rolled over to domestic militarization and criminal abandonment of Constitutional freedoms. As the Republican National Convention paved the way for a fall of terrifying national instability and financial chaos, Americans need to know about the techniques used to silence Minnesota.

Cut from hundreds of hours of donated footage, "Terrorizing Dissent: Election Cut" has been released for free on the Internet in HD, FLV and Quicktime formats, under the Creative Commons / CopyLeft license, and its producers encourage everyone to share this important film. A burnable DVD image will be released soon.

Visit to view the trailer, watch the full-length production, and sign up for updates on the project. Local information about the film can be found at .


Thursday, October 30th:
* Loth Lorien Co-op (244 W. Lakelawn Place, Madison, WI)
at 7 pm.

Saturday, November 1st: EARLY BIRD PREMIERE!
* Riverview Theater (3800 42nd Ave S., Minneapolis, MN)
at 10:40 am. Doors open at 10:15 AM.

Sunday, November 2nd:
* Book House (in Dinkytown, 429 SE 14th Ave., Minneapolis,
MN) at 4:30 pm.
* Arise! Bookstore (2441 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN)
at 7 pm.
* Black Dog Cafe (308 Prince St., St. Paul, MN) at 7 pm.

Monday, November 3rd:
* Arise! Bookstore (2441 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN)
at 7 pm.
* AK Press (674-A 23rd Street, Oakland, CA) at 8 pm.
* Gringolandia/The Honey Space (11th Ave [the West Side
Highway] between 21st and 22nd Streets, New York City) at
8:30 pm.

Thursday, November 6th:
* Gringolandia/The Honey Space (11th Ave [the West Side
Highway] between 21st and 22nd Streets, New York City) at
8:30 pm.

CONTACT: Vlad T, 917.650.2486;
Dan F, 651.503.5661 (Indymedia Dispatch Line);,