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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pretending to be German in Copenhagen to hide from the marines and why I am now a pimp

I have a rather interesting tale to tell (that I will flesh out later) of my last night in Copenhagen out with the Danish girls and running into 3 marines from Rhode Island and Texas. Not wanting to talk to Americans, especially American marines who voted for George Bush, we decided to pretend I didn't speak English, and the story began. It was a rather exhausting two hours, but probably less exhausting than carrying on the arguments about culture differences and such which were left to the Danish girls. I just sat and sipped my beer and listened in the way one only can when people think you are not understanding what they say.

On the way home I directed 3 drunk German men to the hookers on the corner by the train station who had approached me unsuccessfully a few moments before. The men were quite excited and appreciative that I was able to help them. I believe this means I am now a pimp. 'Course I work for free.

My penance for pretending to be German was spending the balance of the next day in Germany on part of the 11 hour train ride to Amsterdam.

I am now here in the Venice of the North, rested, and about to set out on an exploration of the canals and what not.