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Monday, July 25, 2005

Mallman 7 Day Marathon Begins

Mark Mallman 7 Day 1

Mark Mallman has begun 7 straight nights of free shows at the Hexagon to celebrate 7 CD's and 7 years of playing live. And howwastheshow will do its best to bring you relatively "live" coverage of the event through a special photo blog.

Automatically post your photos live to howwwastheshow's coverage of the event by emailing them to Your subject line will be you photo title, and the text of your email will be your description. (Hint: bring your camera phone and send photos directly from the show. And remember, the Hexagon has wireless internet access if you want to get fancy.)

email to:
Subject: your photo's title
Email body: your photo's description
Then view your photos at on the Mallman Gallery we've set up here. You and others will be able to comment on the photos in the gallery.

Ouija Radio was the opening band last night, taking the stage at about 11:15 to a rather full house for a Sunday night. Mallman took the stage just after midnight.

Here's the full schedule of who's opening for Mallman over the next 6 nights:
Mon 7/25 - Your Loving Tiger
Tue 7/26 - DOSH, Food Team, Chris Harrington
Wed 7/27 - Revolver Modele Transmission featuring DJ Jake Rudh
Thur 7/28 - The Beatifics, Fort Wilson Riot
Fri 7/29 - Eleganza, the Gleam
Sat 7/30 - Vicious Vicious, Turantula Skulls