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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mallman's report on Day 4 of his 7 night stand at the Hexagon

Mallman Wednesday night with dancing moose - photo by Dan Schultz (click photo for more)

I just read the Star Trib's report that the US Olympic Committee had threated the Olympic Hopefuls with legal action if they didn't change their name. They will henceforth be known as just "The Hopefuls." But what's next? Will the Mall of America sue Mark Mallman and force him to change his name to just "The Man?" See this thread over on for witty predictions.

Wednesday night's Mallman extravaganza at the Hex included Revolver Modele and DJ Jake Rudh's Transmission. Before Mallman even took the stage last night, I checked the internet to see that people had indeed started submitting camera phone photos to the Mallman photo blog, including one of a button or patch that said "Mallman kicks ass." Too cool. This morning I noticed a few great photo submissions from Dan Schultz of

Cyn Collins has a report on her blog from Tuesday's show here. (And it looks like she recounted the sides of the bar and renamed it appropriately.)

Also, If I Were A 16 Year Old Girl.... has a report of last night's show here.

Normally I get Mallman's reports in the afternoon. But the man is truly crazy. He wrote it after the post-show hot tub party and I had it in my inbox before I even woke up today.

Here's the Mallman Wednesday night report from the man himself:

"My hands are still shriveled from the hot tub as I type this, at 4:30 am - just arrived home from everybody's friend, FOXY'S place. About 8 of us sang the theme to Cheers in the water before a neighbor came to shut us the fuck up. Oh yeah, this is about the shows....

Well, we opened with "Kissing the Knife" and "Still Wasted" - and then into "Too Hot" from the Cd I did with my high school friends, Vermont. It's fun to play those tunes that people don't get to hear much. I showed the audience the prototype of a new toy Cabela's is making which I made the soundtrack for - it's a dancing moose. Ummm....yeah. Also, the harmonica came out during the encore - oooh, and during "Eagles Tooth", my good friend - and band roadie - THE POOCH, came up and did a stellar "rap" about Marco Polo. Wilson Webb fixed the lights and they're are just about where I want them.

After the show everybody kept dancing to Transmission, Sean Hoffman and I were singing the Cure, and it was a bit drunken. I swear, these are some of the best nights of the summer for me. I love this city, and these people, it's all so sweet - like a Cinnabon with buildings and a light rail."