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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mallman's report on Day 3 of his 7 night stand at the Hexagon

Mallman at the Hex Tuesday night - Photo by Janey C. (Click photo for link to whole set.)

Mallman promises to send a report from each night of his 7 night stand at the Hexagon. 3 down. 4 to go. Tonight is the midway point. If Monday and Tuesday were supposedly "slow" nights, I can only imagine what the rest of the week will bring because it's been pretty busy each night so far and Mallman is just getting warmed up. Good thing they took many of the tables out of the band room to provide more standing space.

Lots of fun pictures from last night. View them in the photo blog.

Here's Mark's report from Tuesday night:

"Aha! Another one down swimmingly! Last night I was so happy with a number of things. We finally have the lights to a place that I'm happy with. Also, the bar moved the tables so that people could have more room. It's sad, the first 3 letters of LIQUORS have burned out on the Eastern portion of the Hex. So, last night, as we pulled the van up, we were greeted by a pink buzzing UORS sign...I pretended it said OURS.

My suit was tight and polyester - Peter and I both decided to wear a pink and blue element - We blazed through "Becoming a President" and "Dude is Dead". "Bulls eye" is always a painful song for me to perform, but I disguised it with humor. That's my trick, cause if you listen to almost the lyrics to any song of mine, you'll find sadness, emptiness, and isolation. So I always cover it up with humor - and everybody goes home happy. I guess one might call it low brow absurdist existentialism. But, if anybody actually came up to me and said that, I'd get em a drink.

I keep thinking of that Foo Fighters song, where he sings DONE DONE AND I'M ON TO THE NEXT ONE. ...DONE I'M DONE AND I'M ON TO THE NEXT."