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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Eve Runaround revised Itinerary and stalker guide

I realized I was overly ambitious and have revised my 12 bars down to 9 stops. The revised itinerary is below, and you can follow my progress live if you are on dodgeball. (I'm under [sic] howwasthesho, and using my david[at] email address, so you should be able to find me pretty easily.) I'll be checking in from each venue.

06:00 Triple Rock
07:30 Cedar Cultural Center
08:30 331 Club
09:30 Fine Line
10:00 First Ave and 7th Street Entry
10:45 Lee's Liquor Lounge
11:30 Varsity Theater
12:15 Hexagon
01:00 Triple Rock (again)

And I'm off!