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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

DJ Jake Rudh celebrates one year at the Hex

DJ Jake Rudh
DJ Jake Rudh (Photo by David de Young)

The night before Thanksgiving, Mr. Jake Rudh, winner of the 2005 MMA for best club DJ, celebrates one full year of Transmission at the Hexagon Bar.

Oddly enough, Jake's song of the week is my official "all time favorite song," "Age of Consent" by New Order. His website of the week is appropriately,

The Autumn Leaves are the not so secret live band which will play amidst the recorded dance tunes, and Rudh promises a cameo singing appearance with the band backing him up. He will also be doing a 25 CD giveaway pack, all at once. Collectible stuff, he adds.

In his weekly Transmission newsletter, Rudh says, "friends in local bands intentionally didn't book gigs this night so they can hit Transmission." However, Jake must admit there are a lot of bands playing this night. (All the top venues are brimming with quality local music that same night. Look for a post of the top 10 recommended Thanksgiving Eve live shows coming soon.) But as far as your non-live alternative, Rudh says, "Bring your square sister who flew in from Boston."


solace said...

Arcade Fire started covering "Age of Consent" at their shows recently :)

Anonymous said...

Jake's also a great wedding DJ. We had him do ours, he also did our friend's wedding recently. Tons of fun.