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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Eve Runaround - Just try and catch all these shows!

Though the night before Thanksgiving has traditionally been a good night for music, never before do I recall seeing a calendar with so many great local shows on it in one night. Every venue that HowWasTheShow frequents is hosting a show worthy of our recommended shows list.

Instead quaking at the knees in the face of an overwhelming concert schedule, I'm going to try (note, I said "try") to go to every single show on my own list. In order to make the schedule I doubt there will even be time for a drink in each venue, but that's probably for the best considering the number of venue visits it will require. (Count 'em. I think it's 12 so far. If I make it, I'll at least double my record of 6 I think I set in 2002.)

Oh, and I'm still open to late breaking recommendations....

The list is in no particular order, though if you're going to try and attend all these shows, you are probably advised to start at the Triple Rock for the early Hopefuls show, then go to the 331 for Accident Clearinghouse as that show will likely conclude at 10PM. From that point on, your guess is as good as mine.

Halloween, Alaska w/ DJ Abilities and Dosh - Varsity Theater

Ike Reilly w/ Trampled By Turtles and Little Man - First Avenue 8PM $13/15

The Hopefuls / Small Towns Burn a Little Slower / Killing Bottle / One for the Team - Triple Rock 5PM $8

Rogue Wave / The Hopefuls / Kubla Kahn - Triple Rock 9PM

Kraig Johnson & The Program featuring Special Guests - 400 Bar $10

Transmission - 1 year anniverary at the Hex party! featuring musical guests, The Autumn Leaves - Hexagon Bar $0

Melismatics / Monarques / X-Ray Hip / Stall - 7th Street 8PM $6

Accident Clearinghouse w/ Olaf and The Organ Donors (A.C. plays every Wednesday from Nov. 16th through Dec. 28th) - 8 PM to 10 PM - The 331 Club - Free

Faux Jean / Ouiji Radio / Dander - Uptown Bar 10PM

The Koalas w/ Kwang - Club Underground (Spring Street Bar & Grill Basement) 9PM

Randy Casey and the DeTractors - Lee's Liquor Lounge 9PM

Rock for Brain Injury A Benefit for Restart featuring James Diers, Marlee MacLeod, JoAnna James, Grassy Knolls, The Owls and Tim O'Reagan - Cedar Cultural Center 7:30PM


rocknrollstar said...


Long time lurker, first time-commenter, and fellow local blogger...

I enjoy reading your blog and I link to both quite a bit actually.

Wow, you're actually trying to attend all 12 of these shows in one night? I hope you get in for free and don't drink a whole lot, as this might get costly. Great idea though!

Most shows in one evening I did recently was Arcade Fire / M.I.A. / Architecture in Helsinki. Quite an amazing evening of music that was...

I'll try to do 2 events this evening: 1) Rogue Wave/Hopefuls @ Triple Rock; and 2) Transmission @ the Hex (time permitting).

Good luck with your "12 show voyage" tonight!

David said...

Since posting, I started to draw up an itinerary and realized I'd have to compromise. (And I realized Bridge Club is at the Turf Club and there's no way I'll be able to get anywhere near there, or the Uptown Bar for that matter.)

Here's my projected 9 stop itinerary:

06:00 Triple Rock
07:30 Cedar Cultural Center
08:30 331 Club
09:30 Fine Line
10:00 First Ave and 7th Street Entry
10:45 Lee’s Liquor Lounge
11:30 Varsity Theater
12:15 Hexagon
01:00 Triple Rock (again)

Bill Roehl said...

Well, I only made one show on Wednesday and that was Ike Reilly at First Ave.

Even though we didn't stay all the way to the end b/c we knew we had a train to catch (or not), the show was absolutely killer and one of my most favorite performances in recent memory!

Little Man and Trampled by Turtles were awesome and Ike Reilly can really rock.

Keep up the good work on the site!