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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lindsay reviews White Light Riot in the Ascot Room

We saw a lot of shows last week, but one of several we missed was the White Light Riot (not to be confused with Fort Wilson Riot) CD Release Party Saturday night for their EP The Dark Is Light Enough at the Ascot Room. Fortunately, our friend Lindsay Thomas over at the City Pages was there and filed this report. When Lindsay says to catch these guys "before the word spreads," we believe her and we will definitely be following in her footsteps as soon as possible with a live review. We love what we hear streaming on their website.

So, are these guys a hooky cross between Melodious Owl and Franz Ferdinand or what? You'll also hear the funkier elements of Coldplay (and xylophone) in "Bitter Beginning." Just one listen to the first cut "Out Of Sight" should be enough to get you out to a show if you have any sense at all.

White Light Riot's next show is Thursday, December 22nd at the Turf Club.