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Monday, November 17, 2008

Minnesota’s Half Demon Doll wins Rock Meets Runway, presented by Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Half Demon Doll (pictured at left in a photo by Daniel Corrigan) formed at a St. Paul Rock & Roll camp where the four teenage members met in 2007. After camp let out (is that what camp does when it ends? let out? It’s been so long) the band decided to keep at it.

On Sunday in New York City, their hard work paid off when they won Rock Meets Runway, a battle of the band's competition sponsored by Little Steven's Underground Garage. After making it into the final three, they played NYC Hard Rock Café to clinch the title and earned themselves a record deal with Wicked Cool Records, a bunch of Gibson gear, and a photo shoot with Teen Vogue Magazine. (The other two finalists were Pike, and Snake Pliskin.)

The band posted their joy and surprise on their MySpace page, “Alright guys... WE WON!!!! We were the youngest, and only all girl band today and we fricken won! we rocked it, we really did.”

The fact that they are a sincere-sounding punk band who pull off strikingly melodic ballads about teenage relationship issues without sounding self-absorbed is a definite plus.

They’re quite listenable and pretty darn easy to root for. HowWasTheShow congratulates them and encourages you to visit their MySpace page. We recommend in particular, their song "Jenny Craig on a Stick.”