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Friday, November 21, 2008

Alpha Consumer at the Turf Club Saturday

One of my favorite bands in town is playing the Turf Club this weekend. They were on HowWasTheShow's wish list for our 6 year anniversary party last year, but it unfortunately would not fit in with their busy schedules.

Yes, there is a lot going on Saturday, November 29th, but if you haven't seen Alpha Consumer you really need to. It's not just because the band is comprised of some of the best musicians in the entire Midwest. Alpha Consumer is the kind of well-kept secret you wish would explode onto the world scene just to see what would happen. That may never happen, and if it did, so many minds might be blown the world might never recover. But one can still dream.

More detail:

The members of Alpha Consumer (Jeremy Ylvisaker, J.T. Bates, and Michael Lewis) have spent most of this past year touring with acts such as Andrew Bird, Dosh, A Prairie Home Companion, Happy Apple, and Fat Kid Wednesdays to, among many other places, Japan, Australia, and Portugal. Not to mention recording with Bird, Dosh, Fat Kids, Eyedea & Abilities, Why?, Fog, James Buckley Trio, Chris Morrisey, and much more.

November 29 marks a rare reconvening of Alpha Consumer who will be playing many new selections off of their recording-in-progress with the working title Kick Drugs out of America. They happily share the bill with Gospel Gossip, First Communion Afterparty, and Margaret Lane.

Who: Alpha Consumer, Gospel Gossip, First Communion Afterparty, Margaret Lane
Where: Turf Club, St. Paul
When: Sat. Nov. 29. Doors at 9:00 pm
How Much: $6