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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lamb Lays With Lion w/ Plastic Chord video from the Hexagon

This is the tail end of Lamb Lays With Lion's The Little Skeleton That Could Not which was presented Thursday night at the Hexagon.

Leading up to this point Jayne Deis had performed an hilarious riff on alcoholism, "12 signs you may be an alcoholic." (She only got through 5 or 6 and repeated number 2 twice.) Also featured was a ditsy and ridiculous infomercial on AIDS awareness by Julia May Fairbanks and Ashley Smith, and a "how to" guide on Anorexia Nervosa by Melissa Ann Murphy. It all would have been in rather poor taste if it hadn't actually been quite funny.

As the skit ended, it segued into the first music of the evening provided by Plastic Chord. That is what you see in the 5 minute video included here. Featured in the video are Fairbanks, Smith and Murphy along with members of the band. Also seen briefly wielding the spotlight is director Jeremy Catterton, and Jayne Deis also makes a brief return to the stage before being scared back off by Fairbanks in a skeleton shirt.