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Monday, November 03, 2008

Line-up announced for Sussedtacular! at the Varsity, Friday November 28th

The following is a re-broadcast of a publicity announcement from P.D. Larson:

The line-up is firming up nicely for the big show at the Varsity. Here's the latest scoop:

Sussedtacular! at the Varsity - celebrating the release of Ed Ackerson's Ackerson2 CD.

Friday - November 28, 2008
Varsity Theater in Dinkytown
(1308 4th St SE, Minneapolis)

Band lineup (not necessarily in order of appearance)

Ed will be joined by longtime band members Peter Anderson, Jennifer Jurgens, Marc Perlman and Tim Oesau with special guest/soul brother #1 Jim Boquist (of Son Volt/Paul Westerberg/Good Joe fame). This killer lineup will be performing key tracks from Ed's two solo albums, selections from Polara's vast back catalog -- including faves from this year's masterful Polara offering Beekeeping -- plus whatever exciting surprises they can cook up. This is definitely a "best of both worlds" situation.

Ashley and Sallie have been working hard in recent months on several exciting new tracks. Some of this new material is the result of some serious musical exploration/experimentation and finds TMS heading off in a number of fascinating new directions, with special emphasis on journeying into the inner realms of the psych-rock spectrum as well as cranking out some inspired extended instrumental workouts. Always a reliably hot live act, The Mood Swings are progressing on all fronts at an amazing rate. If you've been fortunate enough to have experienced their recent live cover of Hawkwind's classic lost anthem, "It's So Easy," you've got some idea of the tiger in their tank that's screaming to get out. Here's what our old friend Peter Jesperson had to say about the Mood Swings: "...I think Minneapolis always has good stuff going on. I was just there last weekend and saw a band called the Mood Swings who were just a knockout." (full interview )

One of the Twin Towns best kept secrets, CVA create extremely well-crafted "smart pop," with just the right amount of rock edge, Britpop stylings and shoegaze-y elements. And they're no slouches in the songwriting and catchy melody departments, either -- "Beautiful Fall," from their 2006 self-titled debut, is a stone classic. This is a special opportunity to see a band who doesn't play live nearly enough, a situation sure to change after they finish the new record they're currently working on with Ed at Flowers.

Simply one of the best new bands to hit the Minnesota music scene in some time, this bastard child/offshoot of Bridge Club and First Communion Afterparty play powerful Psychedelic Rock so convincingly that you might have to check the calendar after you've come down to make sure what decade you're in. Their long-awaited debut, Evius (limited 7" vinyl and digital EP), will be released jointly by Susstones and MPLS Ltd in mid-November. Check out an exclusive preview here.

with special cameo appearances from:

The mesmerizing folk/pop stylings of Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife) and Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks, Golden Smog, The Neglecters). Don't tell anyone, but they've not only finally completed their long-awaited studio project but there's a very good chance it will soon see the light of day via Susstones.


Featuring members of Small Towns Burn a Little Slower, To Reinvent and another "popular local rock group." They've recorded a new EP with Ed that should be coming out in 2009.

DJ The Guv'nor (of Sussed!)



Free download card for the forthcoming Susstones Winter Sampler (featuring new tracks by Ed, Mood Swings, CVA and Strange Lights) with every paid ticket!