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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little Skeleton That Could Not at the Hexagon Thursday

Bertolt Brecht is rumored to have said, "A theater without beer is just a museum." Granted, if Brecht is indeed responsible for that quotation, he would have said something more like, "Ein Theater ohne Bier ist gerade ein Museum!" But that's beside the point.

Regardless, plenty of beer will be available Thursday evening at 9PM at the Hexagon Bar when Lamb Lays With Lion theater company presents The Little Skeleton That Could Not.

The play (though sadly not the beer) is free.

Carl Atiya Swanson, a Lamb Lays With Lion founding member has this to say about the production:

Developed as a company, this intervention is designed specifically for the bar audience and away from comfortable theatrical norms. Company members will engage their audience through self-help and info-tainment to "talk about important subjects", especially the Three A's: Alcoholism, AIDS & Anorexia! This performance will not take for granted the audience's passivity- in The Little Skeleton That Could Not, the performers are at the mercy of the audience, a sensibility normally reserved for stand-up comedy, rock concerts, and magic shows. Expect all of it, expect none of it.
The Little Skeleton That Could Not is directed by Jeremey Catterton and features Jayne Deis, Julia Mae Fairbanks, Melissa Anne Murphy and Ashley Smith.

Further entertainment by Fort Wilson Riot, Plastic Chord (carnival troupe), and Speed's The Name follows the show.

Come for the theater, stay for the music (and the beer.) HowWasTheShow will see you there.