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Friday, March 11, 2005

Varsity Theatre temporarily closed for inspections

Make sure you read Peter Scholtes article about the history and future of the Varsity Theatre in this week's City Pages. Almost as if on queue, the Varsity is now closed for a week or so while city inspections take place. People arriving for Thursday evening’s Andrew Bird show were moved to the Loring Pasta Bar. Halloween, Alaska’s show for tonight has also been moved up the street. “The Varsity will be back up and running as soon as we can get the right paperwork signed down at City Hall,” said the Varsity’s Erik Stromstad.

Melodious Owl saxophonist Jon Kuder had a birthday recently, so Wednesday night the band took time out to celebrate during their show at the Triple Rock. But Melodious Owl always seems to find something to celebrate or a way to get the audience involved in the show. I got in trouble from front man Wes Statler for having my arms crossed in the front row. But getting called out by name by one of the Twin Cities hippest young bands is, of course, an honor.

There’s a new Frames fan in town, that man of twists and turns, Steve McPherson. I hope to be able to convince my colleague of the violin’s merits as a solo instrument next time the band comes to town (and hopefully plays First Avenue instead of the 400 Bar). Check out Steve’s thoughtful review here. The Frames were the musical guests on Carson Daly’s show last night, playing the full length version of “Finally,” from their new album Burn The Maps. The benefit of being on Carson and playing so late was that they were given so much time. (The drawback was that it was Carson and really late-12:45 a.m.)

HWTS did NOT attend the Kings of Leon show on Saturday, March 5th. But Chris Riemenschneider did, and you can read his thoughts here. Dylan Hicks famously dissed the the Kings new CD last week. In turn, The Rake reviewed Dylan’s article in a piece called “Review of Reviewers: Smoke-Out Edition” here:

According to a press release from B-Line singer and Uptown Bar booker Mark Holland, “After 6 years, 8 drummers, 3 guitarists, 2 bass players, and 1 singer, B-LINE has decided to call it a day.” When bassist Chris Berglund decided to leave the band they decided to fold rather than replace him.

B-LINE’s final show takes place Saturday, March 26th 2005 at the Uptown Bar And CafĂ© with Likehell. And past and present members are expected to joing the band. Some past members include Christopher Mcguire (12Rods, Kid Dakota), Doug Heeschen (Glorious Din, Puzzle Factory), Gib Curry (Stickdog, Puzzle Factory), Mike Akan (Radio Flyer), Gary Vogel (Fizzy Lifter), Al Bergstrom (Daykit, Elephants Gerald). As testament to the large cast of players who have revolved through the band over the years, Mark Holland added, “There are more but I don't have all day.”

I read a review on the XFM website the other day of a Babyshambles show in London February 22nd that sounds is just the kind of spectacle HowWasTheShow lives to write about. (A fight broke out onstage between Pete Doherty and another band member.) It makes me wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to see this band live before it implodes. Both times we’ve covered the Libertines (The Entry and The Fine Line) Doherty was otherwise tied up due to some mischief or another.