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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More about the Turf Club - The shows will go on

Ross Raihala has this report in today's Pioneer Press. Ross notes that despite Rob Rule leaving the club and taking the SPMC with him, the club's other booker Dave Ricker will stay on at the club, and the shows already booked will still take place at the Turf as scheduled. Rule pointed out that weekends already booked through June. (One such show is HowWasTheShow's 3rd Anniversary Party set for Saturday, June 4th and as far as we know, that is still on!)

Many who attended last night's Mammy Nuns farewell performance expressed sadness about Rob's departure. I could not attend, but I know that all of us at HowWasTheShow are sad to see Rob go as he embodies many of the best things about the Minneapolis music scene: sincerity, integrity, accessibility. Rob has always been supportive of HowWasTheShow and has been one of the best club bookers in town as far as making sure sure my writers and I were able to get into Turf Club shows to write reviews.

Aaron Pruitt of The Rakes pointed out his band has done all their CD release shows at the Turf. Pruitt remained optimistic about the future of the Turf but pointed out he would sorely miss the regular SPMC nights. "It was my kind of community. Zero BS, maximum rock and roll."