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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ross By Rosswest - Absolut-ly entertaining

After Ross Raihalla so generously pointed out that Kate Galloway was posting updates on SXSW to my blog, I've now gone a day without hearing from her. I totally understand, however. It's not hard to tell even from this distance how crazy busy it is down there.

Ross himself is still plugging away at His latest installment is his most entertaining yet. Check out the fictional? bits about Mike Peters of the Alarm and the free Absolut drinks.

Last night here in Minneapolis, I attended the Ol' Yeller, Martin Devaney and Little Man show at the new Nomad World Pub. Perhaps due to the lineup, the evening felt much like a consolation prize for those of us stuck in town while most of our friends are at SXSW.

I had the chance to chat up the new owners of the club, and meet the booking agent Chris Mozena who tells me a full interactive calendar announcing upcoming events should be online soon. All in all, it was a special night. Most of us in attendance either knew each other well or at least by sight, which added to the intimacy of the show.

HowWasTheShow's Cyn Collins was in attendance last night and promises a review of the evening's festivities soon.

And finally, this will probably be posted too late for most of you to benefit from it, but the cancelled Friends Like These, Faux Jean, Idle Hands, Dirty Things, etc. show that was to have taken place at the Varsity Theater has been moved to the FLT rehearsal space in N.E. Minneapolis. If you know where that is, we'll probably see you there. If you don't know where it is, contact your favorite band member and find out. There should be another bit of camaraderie at that show tonight that should again make you realize that not being in Texas is okay.