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Friday, December 30, 2005

NYE Itinerary, subject to revision

This is a plan. I repeat, this is only a plan. And Mei has yet to sign off on it all. But she's a good sport.

05:00 Dinner (Sawatdee, Luce?)
05:30 Melodious Owl / Mark Mallman / God Damn Doo Wop Band - 7th Street Entry
08:45 Enchanted Ape - Fine Line
09:30 Hookers and Blow - Lee's Liquor Lounge
10:30 Fab Tab and the Teds / Wag - Brits Pub
11:15 Hopefuls et al - Hyatt Regency
12:00 Revolver Modele Lingerie Party at the Varsity
12:45 Chooglin' et al - Triple Rock and/or Nomad World Pub & 400 Bar (Action Vs. Action et al) and/or Malachi Constant et al at Turf Club and Big V's (We won't be able to do all this - might have to sacrifice St. Paul to do the West Bank or vis versa.)
01:30 Bridge Club - Hexagon

And then the real fun begins, but I can't publish those locations and events.

Here's the RSS feed from that will keep you informed of our whereabl