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Friday, December 16, 2005

Honeydogs will not perform Friday and Saturday night shows at Entry due to medical problem - shows will go on without them

This just in from Craig Grossman at Vamp Music Source.

Adam Levy of the Honeydogs was hospitalized last night with appendicitis and heads into surgery today for an appendectomy. According to Grossman, "Everything is cool with him, but needless to say, we're needing to cancel the [Honeydogs] portion of these shows."

These were 4 band bills, so they will still take place, just without the Honeydogs.

So, tonight (Friday) it's The Sirachas, Rattletrap and Ellis, and tomorrow (Saturday) it's Byzantine Generals Problem with Coach Said Not To and JoAnna James.

I encourage people who were planning on going to still do so. For those who were still undecided, ticket prices have been reduced from $8 to $6. However, if you do require a refund, it can be obtained at the point of purchase.

HowWasTheShow wishes Adam Levy a speedy recovery.


Andrea said...

Wasn't the New Pornographers show cancelled for the same reason just a few months ago? Is there something about rock stars that makes them particularly susceptible to appendicitis?