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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Low Christmas concert - Photos by chuckumentary. And HWTS "summit" meeting at the Hex.

Chuck Olsen of mnstories was at First Avenue at the Low show Friday evening and posted a few prize photos of Alan Sparhawk and the band in his Flickr blog.

Below is one. See the rest here.

Low Christmas Concert
Low at First Avenue - Photo by Chuck Olsen

HowWasTheShow's writers were spilled out all over town from the Triple Rock to the Hexagon Bar Friday night. Late in the evening, we had a bit of an unofficial summit meeting as contributors Andrea Myers and Jennifer Whigham piled in from the Triple Rock to join Cyn Collins and me at the Hexagon. By the tail end of the Belles of Skin City, who were headlining booker Chris Dorn's birthday party, we were all together in the same club for I think was the first time ever. (And damn, it didn't occur to me to take a group photo.)

But here is one of the amazingly tatooed Dave Matters of Belles of Skin City from Friday's show.

Dave Matters of Belles of Skin City
Dave Matters of Belles of Skin City - Photo by David de Young


Chuck Olsen said...

twas a lovely show, too... some oldies, some rarities, and ending with "Happy Christmas (War is Over)"

s4xton said...

I was at the show as well. Although I enjoyed it a lot, in retrospect, I think the show was a bit eerie compared to other times I've seen Low. Hard to put my finger on exactly why. Maybe it was Livingston on bass? Maybe it was the "choir" that sounded more like a few friends they just brought on stage? Maybe it was a few of the comments Alan made that didn't seem to make complete sense (or maybe I didn't hear clearly)? Was it the bit of disjointedness with all of the people playing with them?

I really enjoyed the show though.

Andrea said...

Maybe you could just photoshop together a bunch of pictures that you have taken of each of us separately. I won't tell anyone!

Mike said...

So did they stick to mostly Christmas songs like Sparhawk said they were going to in that Onion interview? What did they play from TGD (When I Go Deaf?)

David said...

Greg Seitz wrote a great review which should be up linked from the main page of HowWasTheShow soon. For a sneak preview for now, look here.