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Monday, December 12, 2005

I should start getting my mail at the Hexagon Bar soon

The Flavor Crystals (Photo by Matt Porath)
The Flavor Crystals at the Hexagon - Photo by Matt Porath (with my camera.)

I know it probably seems like I live at the Hexagon Bar, but I do very well for myself there. It's almost like I don't have to go to shows anymore. I just go to the Hexagon, and sure enough the shows come to me. And with "never a cover," it just can't be beat.

After ending up at the Hex Friday night, I was back Saturday for Lukes Angels, Flavor Crystals, and The Autumn Leaves. There's no review yet, but here's a link to the photo set. (The whole Hex photo set got bumped off the main page of HowWasTheShow by my Tagine photos from the Prince Tribute at the Fine Line. Though I enjoyed the Hexagon's music far more Friday night, the Tagine photos were hands down winners.)

Two of the best photos in Saturday's Hexagon set, including the one above, were taken by photographer Matt Porath, who was on hand to see the Flavor Crystals. Matt was kind enough to show me a few pointers (literally involving aim) on flash usage (Speedlight 420EX) and take a few shots with my Canon XT. Since many, many people will be getting Digital SLR's for Christmas this year, it is oh so reassuring to know that despite advancing technology, that "it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it" that gets results.


rocknrollstar said...


Hexagon Bar...I feel the same way about First Avenue! I swear sometimes they should put a bed in the VIP room for me. Yeah, Hexagon has some great shows...

As for the Canon XT, I'm very jealous! I had a chance to experiment with that camera a couple of weeks ago at a wedding... it makes my Canon seem like a "child's toy"...

Your blog and and have been amazing lately. Keep up the good work!