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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The New Standards Holiday show Saturday, December 6th is sold out

The New Standards will be celebrating the release of their new CD Rock and Roll on Saturday at the Fitzgerald Theater during their annual holiday show.  The show is totally sold out, but HowWasTheShow is scheduled to attend and will file a report.

I got a bit of a preview this past weekend when the New Standards and Jeremy Messermith were musical guests on the Electric Arc Radio Show (check out HowWasTheShow's full review here.)  The New Standards' new album is called Rock and Roll and features covers by Lou Reed (the title song), Outkast, The Postal Service, The Replacements, The Clash and even Britney Spears. I've had a chance to preview the whole disc, and in a word, it's awesome.  And gorgeous.  And chock full of cool jazz. (Okay, that's way more than one word, but you get the point.)

Currently, you can hear the Postal Service and Costello tracks on the band's MySpace page.  The video embedded above includes footage from last year's Christmas show at the Fitzgerald as well as interviews with Chan Poling, John Munson and Steve Roehm in which they talk a little bit about how these "new standards," as it were, make it into their repertoire.

Want some input into the songs that will appear on the next record?  The trio welcomes your feedback here:


Anonymous said...

I was at the Fitz show and it "kicked ass" TNS always puts on a great show. My fiance and I took our Moms for their x-mas gift and they are talking about going next year! I love you Chan Poling!!!