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Friday, December 05, 2008

International Espionage music video "Dead Drop" from the album "Transmissions".

Via Chad Weis and Tigerbeatpoet, in the spirit of those cheesy, dramatized early MTV videos we loved so much, we give you the new International Espionage music video "Dead Drop" from the album "Transmissions." Because the music is so early 80s also, this entire package wouldn't have been out of place in a program of videos hosted by Mark Goodman or the late JJ Jackson.

Directed by Ryan Schaddelee, it tells the story of...well, I'm not exactly sure what, but it involves bad people and spies and features the ninja dressed heroes of the band.

HowWasTheShow recently reviewed International Espionage at the Kitty Cat Klub. I've been a fan of the band for a while and personally picked them one of the best live acts of 2006 in a Twin Cities media poll.

More info in the press release:

For Immediate Release

International Espionage! Music Video, Record Release, Tour Dates

International Espionage! the three piece international “spyrock” band from Minneapolis have released a video for the song "Dead Drop" which will be available on their upcoming release "Transmissions". "Transmissions" will be available in the Spring of 2009 on Noise To Infinity Records. Spring tour dates to support the release to be announced.