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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm getting more and more aggregated

I read an amusing threat (oops, meant thread - Freudian typo) last week on MnSpeak about a blogger who didn't want people reading him. He got so mad he, he, changed his link to keep them from aggregating his posts! (And left a nasty "so there!" type message at his old blog location.)

Most bloggers, however, like it when people read the things they post on the internet, and links and aggregation are a huge boost to their business.

In my referral logs today, I found an incoming link from, a news aggregation service from that looks like it's interested in nothing less than aggregating the entire world. It's slogan: "News on 300,000 topics from Autos to your zip code."

They co-opted my story from yesterday about this week's miscellaneous music events in Minneapolis here. (I'm guessing this article will be co-opted in the same way.) What's a little odd is that if you comment on the Topix post, it ends up attached to their version of my story and doesn't complete the feedback loop into my own blog.

To check on how well Topix is actually covering the world, I glanced at the page set-up by to relay news about my old small hometown and it appears to be doing a pretty good job. Instantly, and automatically it's likely the best news page in Monmouth, Illinois. And the people who run Topix have likely never even heard of it.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap David, I had no idea you were from Monmouth. I went to college in Galesburg. That whole area was very different for me, but I still have a great affection for all of it, the good and the bad. Just went there for homecoming last October.

Small world.

- Dave, AKA "Dave" on HWTS forum