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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dead Next Door release video for "27"

I'm a supporter of "local" music, whatever "local" happens to mean at the time in relative terms. When I was in London this past summer I caught the London-based rock band Dead Next Door at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town. The night was one of the highlights of my trip, the band and I hit it off, and I wrote a review, in which I said, "the guitars are known to ring sweetly on occasion . . . but the songs never get derailed by sentiment."

Dead Next Door has released a terrifically fun video for their song "27" on their website this week. (Watch it.) I do recommend you check it out. The band's Debut EP Time To Fight will be released on January 13th in the U.K.

This band is on my dream list for my annual birthday show, which will take place in May or June this year. If we can get these Londoners five or six gigs in the U.S. (say Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc.) maybe I can convince them to swing on by and join the festivities. If you like it, join them on MySpace and let them know you saw this link.