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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sound Unseen kicks off tonight with a party at the Hex!

Lately, the Hexagon Bar seems to be the place to kick-off anything worth doing.

Tonight, come on down for a SOUND UNSEEN CD LISTENING PARTY to help kick off the 2005 Sound Unseen film festival. The party will be hosted by DJ Jake Rudh as part of TRANSMISSION

Admission is free. Plus the Hex promises drink specials (yum) and more free stuff.

Hear Jake spin some of the best local music plus selections from his vast collection of CDs, watch local music videos, and just kick back.

Just don't ask Jake, "How's the house?" unless you're ready to buy the poor guy a beer and comiserate with him for a while about the forces of mother nature (including fallen trees and flooded basements.)