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Friday, October 21, 2005

New Pornographers cancel First Ave show Saturday

The New Pornographers have cancelled their First Ave gig for Saturday night. Refunds will be available through Ticketmaster or the club. First Avenue's Kate Molitor says the show has been cancelled because bassist John Collins needs an appendectomy. The club hopes to reschedule the show for February or March of 2006.

We wish a speedy recovery to John. But I guess there will be no more need to rush over from First Ave to get to the American Analog Set show at The Varsity.

And it means less competition for Fashion Weekend too.

Now you have no excuse not to go to the Ruby3 "Hats and Cocktails" Party.

Wear your favorite hat and head over for drinks and live music (Mike Gunther and Suzanne Scholten perform.) Saturday evening from 5–8pm, Creative Electric Studios 2201 NE 2nd Street, Minneapolis.