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Monday, January 24, 2005

KCMP "The Current" 89.3 FM goes live

You can feel this one in the air. Ever since the new MPR station 89.3 "The Current" took to the airwaves at 9 a.m. this morning, opening with the hidden Atmosphere track from Seven's Travels, everyone seems to be tuning it in. Clearly excited listeners have been sending me play by play reports. "They just played Blue!," read one email. Another read, "I hope you're writing something about 89.3 because if you don't, I will." Sounds like a threat! But I accepted that friend's offer, so expect her report soon.

In a press release, MPR says "The Current will launch principally as a music station with a limited number of newsbreaks, interviews and special features. While the music itself will always be primary, over time the broadcast schedule will become more complex, with added commentaries, vox pop, reviews, live performances, and other features that will make the station increasingly distinctive and compelling."

After finding I couldn't tune in the station over the web from the web listening link because of the company firewall, I dusted off the old boombox from under my desk and tuned it in to hear Mary Lucia dust off a Divorcee track I had not heard in a while.

Tune it in. Tell me what YOU think.

Read the press release for more information, including a full station staff roster.