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Friday, January 14, 2005

It's cold as hell. Go to a rock show

As this week's Triple Rock Press Update so matter of factly pointed out, "It's too cold to go sledding, so a rock show is the perfect prevention for cabin fever."

Of course there are many shows tonight, but I am torn mainly between two. Kid Dakota, Rob Skoro and the Ashtray Hearts are at the Triple Rock in what should be a triple whammy of a bill. The ever twisting and turning Steve McPherson promises a full report from that show.

I myself will be heading to the Tinderbox Showcase in hopes that their quadruple bill will steam up the windows of the Uptown Bar a bit. The bill features Bridge Club, James Diers (of Love-Cars and Halloween Alaska, The Umbrella Sequence, and Dallas Orbiter in the headline spot celebrating the release of their new CD Magnesium Fireflies on Princess Records.)

I'm excited to hear Dallas Orbiter live for the first time. Truth be told, I was not familar with the band until I received their new disk (their third release) in the mail a week or so ago. As musical guests on KQ Homegrown Sunday night, the band seemed willing to accept the frequent label of "intergalactic space rock" because the term is so nearly meaningless it gives them the freedom to do just about anything. The disk is at times funky, at times poppy, at times weird (like when the melody of the opening track "Bed of Stars" is co-opted by that tremulous sound Alexander Courage used in the theme from Star Trek and when phaser sounds erupt in the functional title song of the album, "Arise.") Despite its "space moments," the album is surprisingly down to earth, listenable and fun. Only a severely under-exposed ear will miss the strong Radiohead influence on tracks like "So Pretty."

Of course you don't have to take my word on any of this as you can preview the entire album on the band's website:

Consider this my own "A List" or "Hot Ticket" promo piece for a show that has already been pushed by The City Pages, The Pulse and the Star Trib. What I'm really saying is that given the sub-zero forecast for tonight you might need a little extra assurance that you're headed for a sure-fire thing. This is it.