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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Good Radio and more

Tune into Radio K (770 AM and all day Friday for a chance to hear great live local music without going out into the cold or staying up too late! Some of the best local bands of 2004 will play live in Studio K from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Here's the schedule.

10 AM - Martin Devaney
11 AM - Spaghetti Western
12 noon - P.O.S.
1 PM - Thunder in the Valley
2 PM - Dosh
3 PM - Mark Mallman
4 PM - Olympic Hopefuls

Then, when you're done, head over to the Kitty Kat Club for the Princess Records Listening Party featuring Dallas Orbiter and Redstart from 6 to 8:30 p.m. They'll be spinning the two new CD's from these bands, and you'll have a chance to meet the musicians and chow down on free chicken wings.

Dallas Orbiter is a Minneapolis-based quintet exploring the cusp between sophisticated pop songwriting and modern, spaced-out psychedelia. The group began with long Krautrock and electric Miles Davis-inspired space jam sessions in the late nineties featuring singer and guitarist Mark Miller, bassist/guitarist Daniel Gahres, Rhodes piano and analog synth master Jonathan Schmig, and drummer Greg Flanagan. The current lineup solidified in 2000 when multi-instrumentalist Eric Lodahl joined up on bass, guitar, filters, Farfisa, and lap steel. Soon after, the band went to work on their first recording project in a tiny practice space near downtown Minneapolis.

Dallas Orbiter’s first self-titled cd was released in a handsome, handmade, hand-numbered limited edition in 2002., a webzine dedicated to all things psychedelia and post-rock declared it a “slab of psych-pop/rock genius.” A super limited (and again hand-packaged) experimental ep followed in 2003, entitled “Dallas Orbiter in a Vat of Laser.” The winter of 2002-2003 was spent building a studio in drummer Flanagan’s basement.

Redstart began as a one night stand in the summer of 2000, with players Wendy Lewis singer/songwriter and founder of past projects Rhea Valentine and Mary Nail. Michael Lewis (Happy Apple) Jeremy Ylivsaker (Fog, Barbara Cohen, Mark Mallman, Detroit, Melismatics) Martin Dosh (Fog, Lateduster, Vicious Vicious, and his one-man-band, Dosh) Greg Lewis (Science vs.Flames, Marc Anderson's group). Everyone had such a good time, they decided to play some more. After a year of spotty performances, they named it REDSTART and went into the studio in the fall of 2001 to record their first EP, REDSTART/one, which was released in May of 2002. Their new CD So Far from Over is now available via Princess Records. An additional live CD (recorded July 2003) is for sale at performances only.

If that's still not enough radio and recorded music, tune into KFAI's Strawberry Pop show overnight Friday from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Larry Ravenswood tells me that The King of Rock and Roll will be appearing live in studio for his first interview since August 1977 to celebrate his 70'th birthday. Ravenswood will have the good fortune of interviewing "The King" after a 27 1/2 year hiatus. Explaining his long absence will be among questions he will have to answer, as well as giving his thoughts and insight on today's world and music scene (rap, pop, wardrobe malfunctions.) This show is not to be missed! (Though if you do you can catch it in the archives at