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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

EMC EMusic Company kickoff party tonight at the Fine Line

John Dexter's EMC EMusic Company is a new music resources collective based in the Twin Cities that has the ambitious goal of being a "one-stop shop" for all a band's needs. Their motto reflects that: "Take care of the music. We'll handle the rest." At the time of writing, their website ( is a one page dead-end street, but updates are promised so be sure to check back.

Through strategic partnerships, they plan to offer "studio recording/mixing and mastering services, videos, photography, merchandise, graphic design (logos, cd artwork, posters, press kits, etc), printing services (flyers, press kits, posters, business cards), legal services, promotional services and even web page creation and design."

Anything missing in that list? Guitar lessons, beer delivery services, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers perhaps?

Their current team includes Winterland Studios, Marcus Brox Ideas, Lowertown Printing, Darin Back Photography,, and Greg Vasey Graphic Designs.

Tonight (Wednesday, January 12th) at the Fine Line EMC Emusic Company celebrates their grand opening with musical guests:

Gingerjake - 11:45
Innerelement (IA)- 10:30
The Humans - 9:15
Charlz Newman - 8:00

Doors are at 7PM, and it's $5. The first 50 people through the door get a free gift (that they actually claim you'll like.)