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Monday, June 28, 2004

Roskilde Live Stream Begins

It's just the camp stage, but there are already people at Roskilde and it looks like they're starting to warm things up for us. Watch the live video here. We will not be at the festival until Friday. If we can get there Thursday we can catch Korn and Sahara Hotnights, but the first day of the festival looked a little slow and we may below off day 1 of 4 to rest.

We are in Berlin now. It's bigger than I'd imagined. Thankfully the Metro seems relatively easy to get around on which is even more helpful because our hotel here is in the boondocks. We had to take two trains just to get to the internet cafe.

One of those bizarre coincidences happened to me yesterday. I was walking through the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station) and a woman says to me as I walk by, "Where do I know you from?" I wonder, "Minneapolis?" She says, "No, it was somewhere else." Turns out it was a woman named Heidi Herder whom I went to Grinnell College with before I graduated 18 years ago. We were actually in the same German class together. She lives in Washington and was just in Hamburg chaperoning a group of schoolchildren. "How did you fucking recognize me," I said in the presence of several girls who appeared to be about 13, before clamping my hand over my mouth ashamed by my obscenity.

Crazy world. What are the odds?

Bis morgen.


Anonymous said...

The odds are 1:2000000 (if you know what I mean). I wish I'd been in your shoes, man. A thing like that doesn't happen to you too often, and if it does, it should stop you cold and let you think about life's great adventures (if that makes any sense at all). If you see her next time, tell her about that!