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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Concentual Puts Up Billboards to promote CD Release Show at the Fine Line on 6/19

A real picture of a real billboard on 43rd and Upton

I haven't seen such a shameless (and likely effective) display of self-promotion from a local rock band since Flavor draped a sheet-sized advertisement for a show at Bunkers from an 35W overpass during the evening rush hour last summer.

Twin Cities-based Rock/Pop band Concentual has put up 6 billboards in the Twin Cities to promote their show Saturday and sent me this photo of one on 43rd and Upton. (Perhaps Clear Channel will return the gift of support to them someday.)

After a successful gimmick where they auctioned off the very first copy of their new CD "Stranger Than Fiction" on eBay for $71 (more money than many bands rake in from their merch table for an entire show) Concentual will celebrate the release of that CD Saturday at the Fine Line with their friends Grayson and the Scott Morrisson Band. (Get your free tickets here.)

Concentual's new disk is nothing if not an ambitious attempt to rise above the run of the mill bar rock the Twin Cities has to offer, and to be fair it does have its moments of success. The band has been having great turnout at its shows locally and on the road. Their song "Erase" was recently spun on Nate on Drums KSTC Channel 45. I had this poppy and catchy song that showcases Bryan Thuney's strong and passionate vocals on my to playlist for my co-hosting of Minnesota Music with Jason Nagel to be aired 6/20, but due to time constraints I wasn't able to squeeze it in. Hear it for yourself on their brand new website at


Anonymous said...

one of the guys in the band work over at Clear Channel outdoor I am sure the price was right