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Thursday, June 17, 2004

David de Young (that's me) will be heard on Minnesota Music Sunday, June 20th

I would suppose that when you listen to a radio program religiously, as I do to Jason Nagel's Minnesota Music on Cities 97 (I swear I've only missed one show all year) that there's no greater honor than to be asked to co-host that program. To shatter a little radio magic, however, I already know how the show went because we taped it last night (Wednesday), but because of this I also know it's going to be worth listening to.

I've collected hundreds of CD's by Minnesota bands, many by the generosity of bands sending them to the howwastheshow PO Box (keep 'em coming!) and my goal as guest on Minnesota Music was to give some airplay to some deserving music I feel hasn't been played enough. I wish it had been a two hour program as I ended up with about twice as many songs that I wanted to play as there was time for. Ending up on the so-called "cutting room floor" so to speak were tracks by Erik Miller, The Violettes, Signal & Report, Forty Watt Bulb, Endless Blue, Jake Wisti, Claire de Lune and more. Hell, I had enough songs for another entire program. Tell Jason to have me back on again soon!

Check out the actual playlist below, and tune in Sunday night to Cities 97 at 97.1 FM in the Twin Cities to hear my Red Bull infused commentary between songs.

1. Pete Hoffman - Messing With The In Between (From Crawling Tall, 2001)
2. The Chris Danforths - Today I Joined the Army (From Outside of Outer Space)
3. Terry Eason - God Knows That We Try (From Elephant Garden, 2003)
4. Love-Cars - Somerset (From Chump Lessons, 1998)
5. Bec Smith - You Can't Even Tell (From Temper, 2001)
6. Volante - Blood Let (From Static Until Sunrise, 2004)
7. Janis Figure - Fantastic Man (From Throttled, 2004)
8. Friends Like These - 7th Street Queen (From Evil EP, 2004)
9. The Mood Swings - (Come On) Tell Me (From Susstones pre-release single 2004)
10. Tapes N Tapes - Beach Girls (2004)
11. Mandrew - Monica Faust (2004)