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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Music CD Settlement Checks are ... in the mail

I got my music settlement check in the mail last week and I have to admit it looked a little fishy. Before deciding to actually deposit the $13.86 check, I looked at it carefully to make sure signing my name on the reverse side wouldn't switch me to a long-distance service provider I didn't want or enter my name into another junk mail database I didn't want to be on.

But the checks music consumers in Minnesota are receiving this week are real, and if you don't want your $13 to go to charity, you'd best deposit them in your account, if you didn't throw it away by mistake because of its uncanny resemblance to junk mail.

Of course, you won't be receiving a check at all if you didn't register at the music settlement's site last year.

Read the Star Trib's article on the settlement checks here.

Link: Bought any CDs? Your check may be in the junk mail pile