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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Bad at Math?

A few days ago I wrote of an under-attended Mallman show at SXSW based on information from a friend who shares an alma mater with me and I was pretty sure was a trusted source. However, truth be told, my alma mater is not known for having an outstanding math department. Other reports put the count at closer to 80, which is closer to what I would hope for. Whether I misheard 50 as 15 in the first report given by cell phone as my source left the show, or whether my friend is just bad at math, I don't know, but I did want to help set the record straight.

I did receive an email from Mark Mallman himself this evening and he sounds very excited about his current recording projects. He's finishing up in the studio on April 15th, so we can hope there will be a 2004 release from him in the not so distant future.