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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Mark Mallman at SXSW

I'm told the Mark Mallman show at South By Southwest was horrendously under attended (sadly count that as about 15 fans.) However, this didn't stop Mallman from putting on the kind of show we know and love him for. To an over-exuberant fan who was dancing out of control near the stage for several songs in a row, Mallman said, "Dude, I think you're at the wrong show. The Weird Al Yankovich show is down the block."

The flailing one retreated to another part of the bar and relaxed embarassed for a while until Mallman pointed out that with such a small number of people in attendance he couldn't afford to have one audience member standing in the corner.

Though I heard mixed reactions to Mallman's two warm-up shows in the week before here in Minneapolis, I thought Mallman was spot on at his Uptown Bar show last Friday. As Mallman opened his show with a Doors-like rocker that featured the lines "Mr. Mallman risin'" I found myself re-thinking my decision to not attend the upcoming Doors of the 21st Century show that's been rescheduled for April 23rd at the Orpheum.