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Thursday, November 27, 2003

The Second Busiest Bar Night of the Year

I guess I never knew that the night before Thanksgiving is the second busiest bar night of the year. But I should have guessed it from seeing all the "amateurs" crowding the streets of downtown on Wednesday night. It was so crowded on 1st Avenue that the Imperial Room, where Jake Rudh was hosting his regular Wednesday night Transmission, was at capacity. I had to stand outside for 10 minutes before being even allowed in the door.

Metric at First Avenue

Down the street at First Avenue it was no less packed. Metric was onstage opening for Ike Reilly. This was the first time I'd heard this Vancouver-based band fronted by Emily Haines. Just last week (11/18) they'd opened for fellow Canadians Hot Hot Heat at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Metric delivered a show full of old new wave charm and with great energy. Their most recent album, issued Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? was released earlier this year on the Everloving label.

Emily Haines performs with Metric at First Avenue Wednesday

The Belfast Cowboys

Next door in the Entry, The Belfast Cowboys (fronted by Terry Walsh, who also fronts Terry Walsh and the 2 a.m.) were performing a kick ass all Van Morrison all the time set.

And down the road at Lee's Liquor Lounge, 2 Ticket 2 Paradise were doling out covers by a wider variety of bands including the ever popular Cheap Trick.

Details to follow.