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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Have some free music on Ol' Yeller

Rich Mattson writes in a Thanksgiving email:

"I keep forgetting to mention, our German friends at Blue Rose Records have put our "COUNTRY" cd up on their site--this is a FREE downloadable album, and they have also included cover art! Go directly to and burn one today!"

I'm listening to this album now whilst the color printer spits out a copy of the cover art. This is great down to earth country music as only Ol Yeller can do it. And you can't beat the price.

Mattson also writes, "Coming up in December, we'll have a string of shows promoting the release of "Iron Country", a Duluth-based compilation of country-style songs. We did a quasi-political rant/song called "Mob Rule" that is bound to get us on some government charts if anything..

Also in December I'm getting the GLENRUSTLES back together for a couple of shows in the Twin Cities: December 19 at the Turf, and December 20 at Mayslack's. Don't worry, I'll remind you.. We're assembling a c.d. of some of the old cassette demos and lost artifacts for the occasion, even meeting with JIM KENNEDY's people to discuss his appearance at the shows.."

This is the year for re-unions, and a Glenrusltles re-union will be another one for us old farts to enjoy.