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Monday, November 10, 2003

Joanna James at the Fine Line and Jonas Motherf**cker at the Entry

I've just returned from an early Monday night out in the city, stopping by Joanna James gig at the Fine Line where she opened up the evening's music.

I caught James for the first time when she opened for Ben Connelly at the Bryant Lake Bowl a few weeks ago. On the Fine Line's full size stage and with full size sound, James more has no trouble looking and sounding at home.

Lizzy Brown (left) with Joanna James

James was joined again by her friend Lizzy Brown for "Ride," and they also performed one I don't recall hearing at the BLB, an a song she wrote for Jeff Buckley (because she loves him) called "Echoes of You." James dug out the accordian for this song, which was another bonus.
She said she and Brown had been in the studio earlier in the day recording this one. James debut release is expected in Spring 2004 and I for one am looking forward to it.

James makes it look light, but that accordion is heavy

I wandered the club a bit, and from what I could see, James had quite the contingent of fans present who were thoroughly enjoying the show quietly, listening to every nuance. It was therefore unfortunate when the fans of the rest of the evening's bands, and even some of the band members themselves arrived and began talking a little too loudly, forcing me to move closer and closer to the front of the club again to avoid being distracted.

James finished too early at about 8:50, clearly having more material left. Shouts of one more song from no fewer than 3 places in the room surely warranted an encore. But that was not to be.

From the Fine Line I walked up the the Entry to see if I could catch a bit of Mars to Mercury on their drummer Saun Sauder's invitation (and damn, I forgot to ask him how his plans for an all Smiths cover band are shaping up.) But the schedule had changed, and someone named Jonas Funny Motherfucker (or something) was doing a stand up routine from 9:15 to 10.

I'd describe JFM as offensive, disgusting, and downright sick at times, as well as being disturbingly funny on occasion considering his complete lack of regard for political correctness. Ever feel ashamed to be laughing because your conscience is telling you should be walking out the door?

Where You Should Be Tomorrow Night

I didn't hear a single note of Mars to Mercury as I left before 10 to drop off an apple pie from a recent evening of baking for Anna Lee to feed to her models and stylists during tomorrow's Anti-Fashion District show tomorrow night at the Fine Line. (In case you weren't aware, that is where you should be tomorrow night. )

The local fashion designers showing their work include Chrystina Hanson, $teve Hutton, Barrett Johanneson, Emily Johnson, Erin Knutson, Ann Marie De Lathouder, Anna Lee (of Ruby3), Emily Litjens, Azure Marlowe, Lynn Sabin and the MPLS Sewing Collective.

Music includes a set by DJ extraordinaire Jake Rudh and live music by Red Satyrs, A Bomb Nation, Audrey, Producal and the final performance by Ice-Rod. Don't miss this.

The Pie

In an effort to make the appearance of the pie less than gratuitous in this review, I offer youo the link to the recipe for this delicious Dutch Apple Pie. (Thanks go out to Aleah for the link and her coaching/help in this effort.

The pie, in process, balanced precariously on the edge of the counter.

The final product. Yes, I always bake in shiny velour zip up shirts from Gabriella's boutique.