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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video from Racktacular Art Bra Contest

Racktacular was a hoot, by all accounts. A great turnout, great music from bands Aviette, Maudlin and Hojas Rojas, and a definitely entertaining Art Bra competition. Show organizer Donette Ambrosy did a fabulous job of putting it all together and also served as hostess for the evening. Sadly, HowWasTheShow lost part 3 of our Art Bra video on the digital editing room floor, but hopefully parts 1 & 2 below will give you a sense of the creativity and fun that went into the creation of these, uh, "undergarments." The bras were modeled by the lovely and sexy ladies of Lili's Burlesque Review, and all in all 25 bras were showcased.

Video #1 includes the winning entry of the evening, "Treasure Chest" by Sarah White, who also happened to be celebrating her 32nd birthday.

Proceeds from the event benefited The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund.