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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our own DJ Jake Rudh is a finalist to land walk-on role on Mad Men

Jake's given the music community a lot. Here's one way to say thanks. Jake is a finalist to land a walk-on role in Mad Men. All you have to do to help him win is click a link. No sign ups, no fancy stuff. Just click.

Here's what Jake had to say:

Many of you probably know I'm in a national contest to land a walk-on role to the set of Mad Men...and many of you have voted to keep me up near the leader board. Well, there's less than 24 hours left now, and I'm really asking for your help to give me that final push that's needed!

To vote is very simple...there is no registering or signing up, it's clicking on the link and clicking on the 5th star under the pic. Here's the link to make your vote count -