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Friday, July 24, 2009

KSTP Channel 5's 35W Construction Coverage

KSTP's Brad Sattin stopped by today to ask how neighbors were holding up in light of the ongoing construction on 35W (Crosstown Project) going on in front of our houses on Stevens Avenue in Minneapolis for nearly two years now. Here's Brad's report, which features me sporting the new haircut that I got in Lisbon on Saturday afternoon.

Read the full story here.


Jane said...

Where did you get your yellow t-shirt? I love it. I didn't know you were a middle aged woman. I always suspected.....

Mary C Young said...

What the ????? I was traveling west on 62 Crosstown heading toward the 35 W exchange at 6:15 pm 11-5-09. The traffic was literally stopped!!! It took me 30 minutes to get from Tracy Exit to 62/35W exchange! I finally got off--the traffic was stopped--not moving ANYWHERE so I took the Lyndale exit; drove SOUTH to 66th Street and drove to Cedar Avenue SMOOTHLY to get off onto Shepherd Road to get to a 7PM game at the Excel Center. It took me ONE HOUR to drive from Tracy exit to the Excel Center! I've been looking for coverage of an ACCIDENT to explain this. I've driven this often at this time NEVER having this TERRIBLE of a problem! Nothing going on??? Just traffic as usual on the 62/35W exchange??? YOU POOR PEOPLE!!!!OMG, please help us.