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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ed Ackerson to release second solo album in twelve months

HowWasTheShow is always pleased to keep you informed of upcoming Susstones events. Check out this info about Ed Ackerson's upcoming second solo album in twelve months just released by Susstones publicity chief, P.D. Larson!

Ed Ackerson to release second solo album; third album in twelve months!

Songwriter / producer / multi-instrumentalist / Obama supporter Ed Ackerson will release his second solo album on November 18. Appropriately titled Ackerson2, the album caps what might be Ed's most productive year so far. The release of Ackerson 2 will represent the third full-length release of original Ed material in the year between Thanksgivings 07 and 08. Ackerson2 comes a mere six months after Polara's acclaimed fifth album Beekeeping and exactly a year after Ed's highly touted first solo album, Ed Ackerson.

Like his first solo album, Ackerson2 is an all-Ed effort, recorded at his Flowers Studio facility in Minneapolis. Lighter and less dense sonically than his work with Polara, the new album presents Ed's ace songwriting in a clear, minimalist setting. This is a poppy but moody collection of tunes, very autumnal in vibe, warm in the sunny moments but a bit chilling in the shadier ones. Ackerson2 is an album of personal "roots" music from a writer whose foundation instincts are as experimental as they are direct.

Ackerson2 is proudly being released by Susstones and will be in stores the week before Thanksgiving. To celebrate the new album and the Ackerson / Polara three-releases-in-a-year hat trick, Susstones will be staging a big show Nov. 28 at the Varsity Theater. Full lineup for the show will be announced soon, and it will include not only a huge crew of Susstones artists, but many friends old and new as well.

In other Susstones related news, I've been enjoying the new Christian Erickson tracks posted earlier this summer that you can check out here: "A Little Sun" especially is a great tune for a rainy day like today. Erickson's release notes for the tracks, indicate he got some help from Jon Hunt on this particular one.

I encourage you to check out all 3 tracks, and I hope you'll join me in anticipating a new release from this off-duty Astronaut Wife member as well. (Earlier this year I had the privilege of hearing Erickson and his wife Janey Winterbauer perform some acoustic versions of Astronaut Wife songs at the Mad Ripple Hootenanny and it made for some of my favorite musical memories of 2008.)