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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Draw Fire crew returns safe and sound

The Draw Fire Records crew made good time on the return trip to Minneapolis and arrived at the Richfield bus depot in late morning on Sunday, October 26th.

Not only did Photographer Jenn Barnett chronicle the entire trip with a full baker's dozen audio podcasts from the road (a few more actually, if you could the couple that ended up in the bit bucket) but she also took hundreds of pictures.

I can't recall an event since the RNC riots in St. Paul that I got such a clear picture of without even attending. Stories about in the audio podcasts from the keg of Surly that almost got away, to newfound culinary delights, to horrifying tales of the aftermath of excess on the road.

Here are Jenn Barnett's three additional sets of photos, in addition to the original set posted shortly after the bus departed Minneapolis on Thursday. (Click a photo to be taken to the corresponding set.)

And here are some thoughts posted to his very own blog by Adam Svec of the Glad Version.

Also, some more background on the purpose of the trip from an interview Holly Munoz of Aviette did pre-trip with our friends at Cake in